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After Hours Medical Call Center Script Example

After Hours Medical Call Center Script Example

If you’re a physician, medical office manager, nurse or hospital administrator responsible for creating a script for your after hours medical call center, you’ve come to the right place. In this special article we feature a medical script that will help your patients feel like they’re getting the attention their seeking at any time of day or night. 

While we provide you with this generic medical call script, our answering service experts can also guide you through customizing your script to meet your facility’s unique needs. Shoot us a message here to request an initial consultation with our medical call expert.

*After Hours Medical Call Center Transcript Example*

Virtual Receptionist:   “Good evening, Dr. Oliver’s office. This is Alexis, how may I help you?”

Caller:                          “Hi, my name is Monica Grier and my daughter Anna is not feeling very well. She’s got a pretty high fever.”

Virtual Receptionist:   “I’m sorry to hear that. I can take some information from you and have the doctor get back with you. That was Monica, M-O-N-I-C-A, and Grier, G-R-I-E-R?

Caller:                          “Yes.”

Virtual Receptionist:   “Your daughter is a patient of Dr. Oliver, correct?

Caller:                         “Yes.”

Virtual Receptionist:   “Thank you. And may I have your telephone number please?”

Caller:                          “Sure, it’s (407) 956-XXXX.”

Virtual Receptionist:   “Thank you, Monica. To confirm your contact telephone number, I have (407) 956-XXXX. Is that correct?”

Caller:                          “Yes.”

Virtual Receptionist:   “Perfect. And what is your daughter’s name? I believe you said Anna. Is that A-N-N-A?”

Caller:                          “Yes.”

Virtual Receptionist:   “And is Anna’s last name Grier as well?”

Caller:                          “Yes, ma’am.”

Virtual Receptionist:   “Thank you. And may I have Anna’s date of birth?”

Caller:                          “Sure, it’s April 25th of 2003.”

Virtual Receptionist:   “And you said she’s running a fever. Is that correct?:

Caller:                          “Yes.”

Virtual Receptionist:   “Alright, I have all of the information I need, Monica. I will send this message to Dr. Oliver immediately and have him give you a call back.”

Caller:                          “Thank you so much.”

Virtual Receptionist:   “No problem at all. I hope Dr. Oliver is able to help you get Anna well tonight. Have a nice evening and thank you for calling. ”

Caller:                          “You too, Alexis.”

*15 Minutes Later*

Caller:                          “Hello?”

Virtual Receptionist:   “Hello Ms. Grier this is Alexis with Dr. Oliver’s after hours medical call center. I was checking to see if you’ve gotten a call back about Anna yet.”

Caller:                          “Yes, Dr. Oliver called us back right away. We’ve got the medicine he recommended over the phone started and she’s already starting to feel better.”

Virtual Receptionist:   “That’s great news. We hope she feels better very soon. Have a great evening.”

Caller:                         “Again, thank you so much. Goodbye.”


We’ve even produced this mock medical phone call into a two-minute video demonstration. Please click here to watch this medical call script example in action on our YouTube channel.

How to Find a Qualified Medical Call Center 

A Courteous Communications employs a special medical virtual receptionist and dispatch unit within our after hours medical call center. But not all answering services are alike and so it’s up to you to perform due diligence for the benefit of your practice.

We believe that every healthcare professional is responsible for finding a reputable and custom answering service to assist them with their calling patients. If you’re on the hunt for a trustworthy medical virtual receptionist team, be sure to ask these questions when shopping around:

  • • Is your answering service current in its compliance with all HIPAA requirements?
  • • Are your agents trained specifically to answer, dispatch and field medical industry calls?
  • • How long have you been answering medical calls and assisting with patient care services?
  • • What are your message delivery service encryption and password protection options?
  • • Can you explain the details of how medical industry calls, messages and data are stored and destroyed?
  • • Will your medical answering service sign a separate non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement?
  • • Has your answering service won any customer service awards or accolades in the telecommunications industry?

Our Medical Call Center Background

To give you an idea of why we’re the best medical answering service to handle your after hour patient calls, we want to tell you a little about our dedicated team.

  • • 30 Years of Service You Can Trust

We first opened our call center in the heart of Orlando back in June of 1986. “We began with just one telephone agent –our current President and Founder, Doris Primicerio– and answering for just one client, a physician’s office that still trusts us with their telephone answering services 30 years later.”

  • • Compliant with HIPAA Rules and Regulations

Since we have a dedicated virtual receptionist and medical dispatch unit committed to answering medical calls, our in-house training consists of strictly following HIPAA rules and regulations.

  • • 24 Our Phone Coverage That Has Never Been Interrupted 

Our state of the art equipment, on-site programmers/technicians and redundant backup equipment powered by an on-site generator ensures that your phone lines will never go dead. In 30 years of providing answering services, we love sharing that we’ve never had service interruption. We’ve pulled through natural disasters common to Orlando, Florida (like hurricanes) and our team still goes strong while our competitors experience power outages.  

  • • On-Going Training for Medical Virtual Receptionists

Not only are our medical virtual receptionists required to go through vigorous medical training from the onset, we continue to provide on-going education as well. Our team is trained in spelling common physician names as well as learning various medical terms and their acronyms for better call handling. As the medical field can be highly stressful and frightening, we are also dedicated in training our virtual receptionists to handle all calls with compassion and empathy.

  • • The Trusted Answering Service for Hospitals and Clinics

Each year, our team here at A Courteous Communications answers millions upon millions of medical calls each year. Many hospitals, clinics, hospice centers and medical offices entrust their calls with our team because we have a proven track record. We provide professional medical call answering services and our customers stick with us because of our dedication to excellence.

Give Our After Hours Medical Call Center a Ring! 

If you’re shopping for the perfect after hours medical call center to handle your calls, try us out and allow us to meet your expectations. We offer our answering services at competitive rates and invite you to give us a call at 1-800-785-6161 to speak with an account specialist to discuss our customization abilities.

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