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After-Hour Dispatch Call Center Services from a Trusted Medical Answering Service

After-Hour Dispatch Call Center Services from a Trusted Medical Answering Service

When your medical facility closes its doors each day your telephone will inevitably ring with after-hour emergencies, questions and inquiries. Workers in the medical industry know that the term “closing time” doesn’t apply to them and their offices must work around the clock to assist their patients. As an after-hour dispatch call center that takes millions of medical calls each year, we understand the grueling challenges and demands of medical professionals and are here to assist 24 hours a day.

A Courteous Communications wants to share our specific qualifications that will help your medical facility with professional, experienced and friendly after-hour medical dispatch services.

After Hours Dispatch Answering Service Since 1986

That’s right, our medical virtual receptionist team is nearly 30 years old! We bring our decades of experience and customer service skills to our doctors, physicians and hospital phone lineseach day and night. Our communication hub and answering service is located in Orlando, Florida and we also have various other locations throughout the United States. English is our native speaking language and we also offer bilingual services in several languages. We are a well-rounded team of after-hour dispatchers that can elevate your medical facility patient services.

Medical Answering Service Unit

We provide answering services to a multitude or professionals and various industry fields. Since the medical industry is very specific in its needs and requirements, we have an elite medical answering service unit within our call center.

In order to be a medical virtual receptionist within our prestigious company, an employee must:

  • •Work and excel as a telephone agent for a predetermined amount of time;
  • •Participate in our strict medical answering training program;
  • •Shadow a lead medical virtual receptionist and transition into monitored medical calls;
  • •Go through continued HIPAA compliancy training programs and classes provided by our company.

HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering Service

A Courteous Communications complies with all HIPAA requirements and regulations and can be a trusted third-party vendor for your medical facility. We want to help you find the perfect match for your doctor’s office and so we posted this highly informative article: How to Find a Qualified Medical Answering Service. Click on the link provided to read our tips and suggested questions to assist you in locating the perfect HIPAA compliant medical virtual receptionists for your practice.

Our after-hours dispatch call center satisfies all HIPAA requirements and regulations and act as a qualified extension of your on-site medical staff.

Compassion, Empathy and Caller Control Services

When we are answering after-hour calls for hospice facilities, hospitals or local physician offices, our agents know how important it is to be empathetic and compassionate to callers’ needs. As a medical answering service, we are trusted with our medical clients’ patients; a role we take very seriously.

Our medical answering service unit understands that often times your patients are calling after-hours with medical emergencies and some are in intense pain. We provide friendly and sympathetic medical virtual receptionists that are trained in caller control to help relieve the callers as fast as possible.

Whether we are taking down a medical emergency message or dispatching a call directly to your nurse’s station or on-call doctors’ list, speed is essential and compassion is a necessity.

Trained in Medical Terms, Abbreviations and Popular Names

As communication experts, our medical answering service needs to be fluent in specific terms so we can assist both medical staff and the calling patients. Our medical virtual receptionists are put through extensive training to learn and spell frequently used medical terms. We find that the hospitals and doctor’s offices we answer for appreciate the lengths we go to when training our staff to answer their lines.

Our medical training program also touches the most popular, and most difficult to spell, doctor and physician names. We want to be certain that the message we take from your calling patients reaches the correct personnel and as such, our agents memorize and learn how to spell difficult surnames. Before dispatching the after-hours message or inquiry, we take the time to confirm the message and all caller contact information to minimize any confusion down the line.

24 Hour Access and Assistance for On-Call Staff

A Courteous Communications is a fully operational medical answering service available 24 hours a day to assist you. We take joy in being the central communications hub of your medical office and are eager to help your on-site staff with any questions they have. On-call doctors can rest assured that we will be here when they need us, day or night.

We can dispatch calls and message to your on-call employees and act as their medical receptionist; relaying messages back to the patients or patching calls through to specific departments or individuals. Any staff member on the on-call list your office provides will have 24 hour access to their team of medical virtual receptionists.

Want Further Information on Our After-Hour Dispatch Call Center?

Give us a call today and discuss additional qualifications we possess or medical services we provide. During a free initial consultation, you will also learn more about our custom features, current medical professional testimonials and competitive rates. Our medical answering service team is standing by, ready to answer any questions you may have.

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