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A Restaurant Answering Service Can Dispatch Delivery Drivers and Process Take-Out Orders

A Restaurant Answering Service Can Dispatch Delivery Drivers and Process Take-Out Orders

It’s no surprise that customers these days want outstanding customer service on their timetable; catering to their specific wants and needs. Being a restaurant owner, you have a great deal of responsibility to keep up with your customers’ demands and make ordering from your kitchen as easy as possible. This is why small and large restaurants alike are offering telephone and website ordering services for their patrons. When you hire a restaurant answering service you are hiring a team of professionals that are standing by, 24 hours a day, ready to accept all food orders, credit card payments and delivery requests. In this article, we focus on showing you how a virtual hostess and virtual dispatcher can help your restaurant serve hungry callers.

TableService Shifting to Curbside Service

Restaurants that focus on delivery and take-out orders do not just belong to the pizza and Chinese food cuisines anymore. Customers are embracing the option to pick up their meals curbside. According to the National Restaurant Association, “46 percent of all customers – and more than half of frequent off-premises dinner customers and frequent quickservice customers – say they would use curbside options at tableservice restaurants.”

With nearly half of your current customers’ hungry for the option to call in their orders and pick up their food when it’s most convenient for them, you have to provide telephone order taking services to really capture this growing trend. Hiring a virtual receptionist for your restaurant will allow your current front of the house staff to focus on dining room customers with no time-consuming telephone order interruptions.

Our restaurant solutions start with the first ring of that incoming food order to accepting payment over the phone to dispatching the order straight to your kitchen staff, all in real-time.

Processing Orders and Dispatching Delivery Drivers

Taking your customer’s ultimate convenience a step further, some restaurants are offering delivery and door-to-door options. If your restaurant or take-out establishment receives a steady flow of telephone food orders, it makes sense to hire a full-time driver to make your food deliveries. Hiring a team of virtual hosts and virtual hostesses to answer all of your incoming phone orders will give your front of the house staff the freedom needed to serve your dining room customers. We are also able to keep in constant contact with your delivery drivers and dispatch them in real-time; taking the hassle of transportation logistics off your long list of worries.

Don’t waste time on the telephone receiving your caller’s food order, delivery addresses and credit card payment. Our restaurant answering service only charges for the calls we take and hiring our team is an excellent way for your restaurant to cut down on your in-house expenses. Instead of hiring an hourly wage employee to sit and wait for your phone to ring, allow our team to answer those calls at a fraction of the cost an on-site employee would cost.

Additional Perks of Hiring a Restaurant Answering Service

Processing your phone food orders and dispatching delivery drivers are the main takeaways you are able to enjoy when outsourcing your restaurant’s telephone answering. However, there are so many services that we have been providing restaurants for nearly thirty years that can assist your FOH and BOH staff.

Our virtual hostess team can provide telephone support for your restaurant by answering your diners’ frequently asked questions: dress code, hours of operation, daily specials, driving directions and other pertinent information. We can also synch up to your restaurant’s calendar and help you manage your reservation book in real-time by running your reservation hotline 7 days a week.

Operating since 1986, we fully understand that restaurant owners handle a whole lot more than food. Our experienced team of virtual receptionists can help you handle the administrative tasks of your food-service business as well. Give us a vendor list and the contact information for your emergency/maintenance contractors and we can handle incoming and outgoing calls to make sure the business side of your restaurant is fully supported.    

Let’s Get Your Phone Orders Answered Today

Let’s start you off with a free conversation with one of our account specialists to discuss our restaurant answering service features that can help your restaurant business with service fees as low as $19.95 a month. Give us a call at 1 (800) 785-6161 for your free consultation to discuss the easy process of forwarding your restaurant lines to our virtual hostesses and delivery dispatchers today!

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