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A Limousine and Dispatch Answering Service Helps Grow Your Business

A Limousine and Dispatch Answering Service Helps Grow Your Business

Does your limousine or private car service need help in answering calls during the busy holiday season? Maybe your limo company business line is directly forwarded to your cell phone and you are tired of getting up in the middle of the night to answer incoming calls. If you have a fleet of drivers and vehicles, we have a special dispatching unit to keep all bookings organized and streamlined.

Read on and learn just how we can bring professional virtual receptionists and dispatchers to your growing limo company.

What our Limousine and Dispatch Answering Service Can Do for Your Business:

Answering Your Calls Day and Night

According to Limo Digest, one of the most common mistakes limo companies make is not having adequate telephone support to assist callers. “When was the last time you called anyone, let alone a personal friend, and got a busy signal? Exactly. So why should you let a customer with a credit card in hand hear one when they call your business?” Can you afford to turn away new business by not being available when your customers need you?

If you are a small limo company and are running your operations from your cell phone, it’s time to invest in an affordable 24 hour answering service to field your calls. Provide elite client services to your new and existing business customers on their timetable and watch your profit margins grow.

limousine and dispatch answering service only charges you for the calls they take on your behalf. You don’t have to be constantly on-call and ready to answer your business’s incoming calls. Nor must you break your payroll budget to hire someone to be on standby just in case you receive an after-hours call.

Outsource your calls to professional virtual receptionists and dispatchers at a fraction of the cost and time it would take for you to achieve in-house.    

Pre-Qualifying Your Potential Clients

Does your limo company have a flat rate or specific requirements before being booked with your drivers? Allow our courteous and seasoned virtual receptionists to ask your callers pre-qualifying questions. We help screen your incoming booking requests and limousine reservations so that you are not disturbed unless you have a solid inquiry or sale.

We are able to customize your account to meet your limo business’s specific needs. Here are a few examples of pre-qualifying questions that may assist you:

  • • What is your pickup location’s address?
  • • What is your drop-off location’s address?
  • • How many guests will be traveling?
  • • Do you need an exclusive, on-call driver?
  • • Does the quoted service cost meet with your approval?

Answering Client FAQ’s

Here at A Courteous Communications, we have an in-house account programmer that works with you to setup your virtual receptionist team to answer your callers’ frequently asked questions. Give us the top 10 questions that your potential and existing customers always call with and allow us to supply those answers for as little as $0.45 per call.  

Whether your clients need your limo’s transportation rates or if they have questions about holiday or event specific bookings, we can act as an extension of your fleet to assist your callers. 

Handling Your Bookings and Cancellations

Allow our limousine and dispatch answering serviceto be your scheduling assistant and handle your limo’s booking schedule. Following your exact specifications and protocols, we can turn a calling lead into a booked customer in 5 easy steps.

  1. 1. Pre-qualify all callers and take down specific information.
  2. 2. Quote general rates and service options based on the information provided.
  3. 3. Check driver availability on multi-calendar schedules.
  4. 4. Accept and process a phone payment with any major credit card.
  5. 5. Reserve, book and email all parties involved with the transport job.

Locating and Dispatching Drivers

We have a special dispatching unit within our limo answering service. These highly trained dispatchers are solely focused on making sure that messages, bookings and cancellations are communicated with personnel in lightning speed. If you are currently answering your own phone lines, checking vehicle and driver availability, booking transportation services and dispatching multiple limo reservations; you must be tired. Another unfortunate mishap of not properly delegating work is having certain bookings slip through the cracks.

Hire a full team to assist your limousine company in making sure that all of your drivers are on-time, informed and accounted for. Try our award winning dispatching services for just a month and allow us to who you how we take your limo company to another level.    

Providing Wake Up Calls and Reminders

An additional perk of outsourcing your limo service’s communications is the ability to have your virtual receptionists give your drivers wake up calls. Whether you have a late-shift booking or if there is a last minute cancellation, allow us to prepare you with a wake up or reminder call. 

Give Us a Call and learn more about our limousine and dispatch answering service! 

Our consultations are completely free so give us a call now at 1-800-785-6161 to speak with an account specialist about your limo service’s call handling and dispatching needs. Our limousine and dispatch answering service offer competitive rates that any business can afford and we don’t require any long-term commitments. Hire us during your busy season or try us out for 30-days. We have over 30 years of experience in providing award winning answering services and are confident we can exceed your expectations. 

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