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8 Reasons Your Medical Office Should Hire Our Medical Answering Services

A Courteous Communications handles emergency response lines for thousands of medical doctors. Patient emergencies are trusted in our hands. Here are 8 reasons why your medical office should hire our Medical Answering Services

Advantages of our Medical Answering Services 

1. Our extensive training process

Our staff goes through a very detailed training schedule once hired. All of our new agents are trained fully on each and every one of our accounts. A two week process of getting familiar with all of clients is the first step in our training process. The next step for our agents is a lengthy monitoring process. This monitoring process is put in place to ensure each account is being managed correctly.

2. Medical Call Training

Each of our medical virtual receptionists goes through new agent training as well as additional medical training. We have an entire additional protocol of training to ensure our agents are always HIPAA compliant and have common medical knowledge. Medical facilities use abbreviations when taking and delivering patient information. Using medical abbreviations also help in taking and receiving patient information as quickly as possible. All of our virtual medical receptionists are trained in using these abbreviations as well. We pride our medical agents on having the necessary knowledge in these different areas to help navigate callers quickly and efficiently.

3. A Concerned & Caring Voice

We know that a concerned and caring voice can be the difference needed in making an ill patient feel at ease. We also know leaving a medical message for the doctor can be an uncomfortable situation for some patients; we are here to help ease your patient’s nerves during this process.

4. Emergency and Hospital Dispatching Service

Each of our medical receptionists is trained in emergency and hospital call dispatching. Unlike many call centers, when a call comes through on of our medical lines, the agent that takes the call also dispatches the call out as well. Having one agent handle all the elements of a medical call saves time and confusion.

5. On-Call Changes, No Problem!

We know doctors and we know that in a moment’s time information can change. Each of our medically trained agents is also trained to make on-call doctor changes and account changes.

Example: Dr. Smith calls his line and says, “I am going into surgery until 10:45 pm, put Dr. Brown on-call for me until 11:30 pm.” “No problem Dr. Smith, what number should we contact Dr. Brown on?” It is our job to make sure we have all the information needed to deliver all emergency calls to the on-call doctor.

6. Medical Appointment Setting Services

Is your medical office looking to free up a little time to focus on your in-house patients? We can help you with our appointment scheduling services. All you need to do is give us your available appointment times and when a patient calls in we can help them schedule it right away. Once your appointment book is filled in we can fax or email it to your office. We also do appointment confirmations. All you have to do is send us the list of appointment you would like to have confirmed and we will gladly call your patients for you. Once we complete your list, we will deliver your upcoming appointments by scheduled fax or email.

7. Wake-Up Call Services

It is so important to have a reliable wake- up service. Many of our doctors need to make changes to their wake- up schedule throughout the busy evening hours. Many of these changes are based on emergency surgery procedures being scheduled. If one of our doctors does not answer during a wakeup call, we try again every 3 minutes. If we cannot reach the doctor after three calls, we immediately start moving down their emergency contact list. Hearing the doctor’s voice is the most important element of a wakeup call.

8. 24 Hour Medical Call Center

We are the 24 hour medical call center you are looking for. Let us know what your medical office considers to be an emergency; if the caller’s needs are on the 24 hour emergency list, then we will contact the specified on-call staff. If the caller does not have an emergency that is on your specified list, we will refer your patient to the emergency room or to call back during office hours; or however you advise us. We know the medical industry demands and can give you the attention you need better than our competitors can. Doctors and medical offices work very hard at trying to help all of their patients during office hours. The short weekends should be all yours to enjoy. We will weed out your non-emergency calls so you can relax.

Our Medical Answering Services Staff is here for you 24/7

You can have faith in outsourcing some of your medical calls. Our virtual medical receptionists have the level of care and compassion that your medical office is looking for. Give A Courteous Communications a call today for your free consultation and let’s discuss the custom medical answering services we can bring to your office. 

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