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6 Reasons Your Website Needs an Ecommerce Call Center

Today’s world is filled with e-Commerce terminology that blast all over websites: “click here to buy now,” “manage your shopping cart before checking out,” and “shoot us an email with your question.” With all of these digital options, why does an e-Commerce business still need telephone support? We are glad you asked, because some things just cannot replace a good ol’ fashioned phone call with a friendly and helpful agent. Our business tips’ article for today focuses on our ecommerce call centerservice to show you why providing human customer service will never go out of style.   

What can an ecommerce call center do for your business?

1) Make Money While You Sleep and Never Close Off New Business. 

It is no secret that 24 hour telephone order taking and live agent telephone support can give you a nice plump return on your ecommerce call center investment. Our basic answering service packages can offer competitive rates as low as $19.95 per month, and we even throw in a signing bonus for our new clients that include 50 free phone calls each month.  

Swap your ringing telephones with virtual receptionist email notifications that contain purchase orders. May we suggest creating a custom ringtone for our virtual receptionists to a cash register sound to give you the full effect of our services? It is our job to make your job easier. You let us know how we can help and our team will bring our 30 years of award winning customer service to your ecommerce business.       

2) Having Live Agent Telephone Support Brings Trust to Your Company. 

According to a case study provided by KISSMetrics, an industry leader in measuring online metrics, having a business phone number on your website will positively influence the number of calls and or customers you get. 

In our recent article, 60% of Small Businesses Are Losing Profits by Not Offering Professional Telephone Answering Services, we shared an interesting quote provided by KISS’ marketing director, “Having a phone number does bring peace of mind to consumers and people you do business with. If, at the very least, it instills trust in your visitors and removes any ‘fly-by-night-operation’ fear they may have.”

3) Answering Machines Lower Your Product Value.

A recent Harvard Business Review, Exploiting the Virtual Value Chain, gives great insight as to the challenges businesses in the electronic commerce age are faced with when developing their product value. In the study, the author explains, 

“Every business today competes in two worlds: a physical world of resources that managers can see and touch and a virtual world made of information. The latter has given rise to the world of electronic commerce, a new locus of value creation. We have referred to this new information world as the marketspace to distinguish it from the physical world of the marketplace.”

While it is highly important to present your product value in the digital information world and marketspace, it is just as important to maintain your product value in the marketplace. Having live agent telephone support that promotes and fosters personal human interaction will leave your customers with a high sense of value in your company and product(s). Sometimes, a friendly and informative real-time conversation is all your ecommerce website needs to close the deal.   

4) Increase In-House Productivity with Professional Telephone Support. 

You and your in-house staff need time each day to focus on specific projects and daily tasks that are geared towards the operational side of your business. If you are constantly stopping mid-task to answer a ringing telephone, you are slowing down the productivity needed to keep your business afloat.    

5) Cut Overhead Costs By Outsourcing Customer Service.  

Our virtual receptionists for ecommerce website services are 100% customizable and we offer a variety of options to keep your website traffic satisfied and attended to, 24 hours a day. 

During a free initial consultation with one of our account specialists, you will quickly learn that no request is too small or too large for our highly trained, professional and friendly team. To give you an idea of how we can help your ecommerce website with award winning telephone support and customer service, here are some creative ways we help current clients:

  • • Answering frequently asked questions about your products, services and company information. 
  • • Providing technical troubleshooting for your website traffic to find items easier and faster. 
  • • Assistance with billing, delivery and manufacture general questions. 
  • • Customer service hotline, complaint department and refund or replacement services. 
  • • Customer email and contact information harvesting services for future marketing campaigns.
  • • Secure telephone payment processing with email confirmation tracking and reporting available.
  • • Call patching capabilities to connect calling customer with a specific department or employee extension. 
  • • Detailed message taking and real-time delivery options including email, text, voice or fax.  

6) Offer Personalized Assistance and Beat Out Your Competitors. 

Take a moment for market research and poke around on your competitors’ websites. Do they offer telephone support? If you do not offer virtual receptionists for your ecommerce website and your competitors do, it is highly likely that your prospective customers will bounce off your website and go to a more established company that offers this personal assistance. If your competitors do not offer live agent telephone support, think about how many of their leads you can capture by simply adding a phone number to your website.  

With basic services as low as $19.95 per month and no annual contract requirements, hiring an ecommerce call center could give you that competitive edge you have been looking for. 

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