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5 Tips From Your Answering Service to Keep Safe During the Medical Industry’s Most Dangerous Holiday

July 4th is about celebrating America’s independence, spending time with friends and family and watching magic in the sky from beautiful displays of fireworks. Here are 5 tips from your answering service to help keep you and your loved ones safe.

Designated Drivers and Carpooling

Are you planning on letting lose and having a few adult beverages this 4th of July?  It is always a good idea to choose a designated driver before the celebrations begin. Share your driver with friends. Carpooling with friends and family is also a great idea to help reduce traffic on one of the top 5 busiest travel days of the year. If you are planning on a taxi service for your pick up and return home, try setting up a scheduled time and place before the event.

It is going to be hot

Nothing screams “it is summertime” more than the 4th of July. Staying hydrated is imperative during these hot days for adults and children. A good way to measure how much water to drink is to cut your weight in half and drink that amount daily in ounces of water. Here is an example: your weight is 150 lbs., divide that by 2 equals 75 lbs., a good amount of p0 for your body to stay hydrated would be 75 ounces.

It is just as important to stay hydrated from the outside in. When you are having a blast by the water it is easy to forget how much sun you may be getting. Have your sunscreen ready. Another great way to get the maximum results from your sunscreen is to apply it 30 minutes before heading outdoors.

Food allergies and cross contamination

When you or one of your family members has a food allergy, it is always a good idea to make the host of the party aware of it. Now, they can alert you to any problem foods and also ask guest if there are any ingredients in their recipes that would spike an allergic reaction.  If you know somebody that has food allergies and is having a possible allergic reaction, call 911. Calling an emergency dispatch centerimmediately can save a life.

Whether you are grilling, baking or broiling different verities of meat, it is important to keep them separate from each other. Cross contamination can happen if you allow these different assortments of meats to touch before the cooking stage.  Cross contamination can also happen between meats and vegetables. A good rule of thumb is to keep all different varieties of meat and vegetables separate from each other until they are fully cooked.

Fireworks are also known as fire from the sky

It is time for the show to begin. Check off this list to avoid fires where they are not invited.

  • •Make sure you turn off your propane tank
  • •Remove cushions from on and around your pool deck
  • •Close patio umbrellas
  • •Make sure your lawn is watered well
  • •Move pets indoors

Just as many children, pets can be fearful of the loud sounds that fireworks make.  We can hug and cuddle our children to let them know they are safe during the show, but what about the scared fur baby in the house. Leaving your pet with a stuffed animal or favorite blanket can help ease their nerves. If your furry child gets nervous in thunder storms, just imagine how they may feel with all the unfamiliar booms of fireworks.

1 adult to every 5 children in the pool

A requirement for many elementary schools in Florida is to have all children participate in swimming lessons. They also require 1 adult’s supervision to every 5 children in the pool. This ensures the safety of the students.  A great rule of thumb for any 4th of July pool or beach party as well.  The number of fatalities that include children drowning is growing rapidly, please take special note to this tip.

Please swim responsibly. Alcohol, water, children and swimming just do not mix well. Please always have designated adults in the water with the children.

From her family to yours, the President of A Courteous Communications and our staff here at the best answering service would like to wish you a very safe and fun 4th of July.

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