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5 Fun Hobbies That Actually Boost Your Resume

5 Fun Hobbies That Actually Boost Your Resume

Are you a dedicated blogger in your spare time? Do you know how to play any instruments? These fun hobbies may only appear to be a way you spend your free time, but they can have some positive effects on your resume. You may be surprised by how many hobbies also transition into valuable skills that potential employers look for when hiring. These five hobbies are an easy way for you to not only spend your free time, but will also give your resume an extra boost.


Hobbies That Also Look Good On Your Resume:

1.) Blogging

Maintaining a blog can easily get you noticed by potential employers. Not only is blogging a fun hobby that shows you have a life and interest in areas outside of the workplace, but it also displays a number of favorable skills. Keeping a blog showcases your writing abilities, search engine optimization capabilities, design and management skills. Blogging can easily set your resume apart from others applying for a job because it can present you in a unique way when potential employers search for you online.


2.) Traveling

If you have had the luxury to make traveling one of your hobbies, then you have also boosted your hire ability. Traveling shows that you are comfortable working with a diverse group of individuals and that you are not easily intimidated. This can also show potential employers that you have a grasp on financial management as well, since you most likely planned and financed all your traveling adventures yourself.


3.) Participating In Team Sports Or Activities

Think playing in your communities’ softball or basketball tournaments won’t prove much to employers? Not the case. Participating in a group or team activity shows you can work with others. It also show you can work with a team to accomplish a mutual goal.

4.) Creative Interests

Whether it is playing an instrument or taking part in a painting class, showing you have a creative side is a sought after trait many employers are looking for. Having a creative hobby shows you can think outside the box and can be available when there is a need to look at a project from a different perspective. Not only does this show you can bring a new creative view on things, but it also shows that you have a dedication to a craft.

5.) Improve Or Acting

If you like to get on stage and perform in front of others then this is one hobby you will want to include on your resume. Not only does acting and improv work show that you potentially have outstanding public speaking skills, it also shows you are adaptable to curveballs that come your way. Actors and comedians are typically quick thinkers that can react positively to many unplanned situations.

Pick up a new hobby to add to your resume!

If you are thinking about taking up a new hobby you may want to consider one of these five, which are not only fun but also can help give your resume a boost as well. The right hobby on your resume can showcase your communication, time management, teamwork and even leadership skills.

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