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40 Creative Ways to Use a Telephone Message Service

40 Creative Ways to Use a Telephone Message Service

Our team loves being mistaken as an on-site employee from our customers’ calling customers. When we answer the lines for our business customers, we try really hard to assist all callers just as one of your in-house employees would. So, how do we do what we do?

We’re able to act as an extension of your office because we provide endless customization options for all of our customer accounts. Our virtual receptionist team wants you to look at our telephone message service with a creative eye so you can see the value we add to just about any task.

Let’s get started!

40 Ways a Telephone Message Service Can Help You and Your Business

  1. 1.) 24-Hour Access: Promise your clients and customers 24-hour personal attention.
  1. 2.) VIP Membership: Start a hotline that is given to only your VIP clients and customers.
  1. 3.) Quick Orders: Give your customers a phone number to make a quick and easy purchase.
  1. 4.) Ask an Expert: Provide an interactive Q/A forum to provide valuable information.
  1. 5.) Table Booking: Let your dining customers place a quick reservation with a virtual hostess.
  1. 6.) Testimonial Hotline: Gather important testimonial content to include in your marketing.
  1. 7.) Direct Mail Helper: Collect information from your leads responding to a direct mail out.
  1. 8.) Live Surveys: Conduct surveys and document detailed responses to your questions.
  1. 9.) Interview Scheduler: Schedule interviews with an efficient, time-saving employee hotline.
  1. 10.) Email Opt In: Create and harvest email address lists for newsletters and future marketing.
  1. 11.) Personalize RSVP: Give your guests a personalized experience to RSVP to your event.
  1. 12.) Pick-Up Orders: Allow diners to place quick and easy food orders for delivery or pickup.  
  1. 13.) Book Feedback: Provide your readers with a way to provide critical and honest feedback.
  1. 14.) Inner Office: Screen your colleague and team messages to prioritize your workday.
  1. 15.) Golf Buddy: Forward general calls while golfing but get any VIP caller patched to your cell.
  1. 16.) Schedule Alerts: Have all changes to your appointment calendar texted to you in real-time.
  1. 17.) Stat Developer: Give test subjects a hotline to call and provide requested research data.
  1. 18.) Trivia Contests: Post a trivia question and allow audience to phone-in their answers.
  1. 19.) Silent Auction: Allow philanthropists to phone-in their anonymous charity auctions bids.
  1. 20.) Stock Trends: Have your CPA/financial advisor call you with daily changes in your portfolio.
  1. 21.) Unique Communication: Customize a unique script for callers to hear when they call you.
  1. 22.) Pop-Up Store: A trendy hotline for shoppers to find and interact with your pop-up store.  
  1. 23.) Discreet Calls: Send all confidential and private calls to a personal receptionist for handling.
  1. 24.) #LikeABoss: Improve your business image by saying, “Call my assistant day or night.”
  1. 25.) Virtual Agent: Allow your travel agent to give you the latest discounts on travel itineraries.
  1. 26.) In a Meeting: Quickly forward and un-forward calls for handling when you’re in a meeting.
  1. 27.) Personal Dating: Let suitors leave a message with your personal assistant for callbacks.
  1. 28.) Business Traveling: Send all business calls to one receptionist while away on business.
  1. 29.) PTA Calendar: Have your child’s school meetings and events emailed to you.
  1. 30.) Customer Complaints: Outsource customer complaints to customer service experts.
  1. 31.) On-Call Dispatch: Dispatch important service requests to on-call and after-hour technicians.
  1. 32.) Legal Receptionist: Have clients provide requested info in a non-disruptive message.
  1. 33.) Appear Larger: Route calls to a professional virtual receptionist for image purposes.
  1. 34.) Whistleblower: Provide employees with an anonymous, outsourced whistleblower hotline.
  1. 35.) Bulk Ordering: Allow distribution customers to make bulk orders in one phone call.
  1. 36.) Crowdfunding Assistant: Include a reliable 1(800) number on crowdfunding campaigns.     
  1. 37.) Multi-Time Zone: Cater to multi-time zone markets 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.
  1. 38.) Food Trucks: telephone message service can take location-based food orders.  
  1. 39.) Patient Messages: Comply with HIPAA regulations with after-hour patient messages.
  1. 40.) Social Assistant: Have a social assistant email the hottest parties and events to your cell. 

Communication Creativity Builds a Great Brand

We stopped at 40 creative ways to use a telephone message service but the reality is, there are hundreds of ways you can benefit from a customizable answering service. We’re here to help you navigate through these infinite opportunities to build a personal and unique business brand.

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