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3 Industries That Benefit from Having an Emergency Answering Service

3 Industries That Benefit from Having an Emergency Answering Service

You can’t control or predict when emergencies will arise. As a business owner, all you can do is have a reliable plan in place for when those urgent calls do come in. Just about any industry or professional can benefit from an experienced emergency answering serviceto help them. Our customers range from physician offices to elevator service technicians; both needing reliable 24/7 telephone coverage.  

This week, we’ll explore in detail how property management companies, service technicians and emergency restoration contractors benefit from our emergency dispatchers and operators.   

3 Industries That Should Take Advantage of an Emergency Answering Service

1. After Hour Answering Service for Property Managers

If you’re a property management company or an HOA, you know all too well that your residents are likely to call at all times of day. Some calls are not urgent and can wait for callbacks at your convenience. Your calls that are true emergencies need immediate attention and assistance.

Having a telephone support team that will answer your incoming calls from residents can streamline your communications. Let’s face it, managing a residential or commercial property is no easy task. With so many fires to put out on any given day, your team needs all the help it can get.

Our virtual receptionists are able to help property managers with the following emergency situations: 

  • • Monitoring emergency and security alarm systems to dispatch authorities when needed.
  • • Dispatching after hour service calls directly to maintenance, electrical, plumbing and other on-call personnel.
  • • Virtual gate operators that are able to screen guests with qualifying questions and remotely open complex’s gate.

This is just a small list of the tasks that we can take off your long list of responsibilities as property manager. After each call is handled, you’ll receive a message in real-time apprising you of the situation. For instance, if we received a call from a tenant notifying us that their toilet is overflowing, we would immediately dispatch your on-call maintenance technician. We will stay in contact with the technician and tenant until the issue has been resolved. Upon the completion of the service, you will receive a text or email informing you of the status.  

Click here to learn about how we can customize our emergency answering services to meet your condo, HOA or apartment complex’s specific needs.

2. Emergency Dispatchers for Service Professionals

If you run a service professional business, you can’t afford to miss a call. And so, most service technicians are required to have their cell phone near them 24/7. An after hour emergency dispatcher gives you the freedom to not have to answer all incoming calls. By pre-screening your late night and weekend calls, you’ll only be interrupted with confirmed service orders.   

Service emergency dispatchers can assist by answering the frequently asked questions (FAQs) of your potential and current customers. If you have multiple service technicians that work in different areas, we can locate the closest on-call employee you have for the service request. Our state of the art technology and software even allows us to process your customers’ payments over the phone.

Allow our emergency answering service to help your company with these industry related emergency situations:

  • • Answering all after hour and weekend calls to quote standard emergency service rates.
  • • Dispatching service orders in real-time to on-call service technicians in the area.
  • • Processing homeowner or business’s payment for services and confirming completion.

Since service industries and technicians offer multiple services, learn more about the specific industry you’re in: 

Click here to watch a demo of an after hour service call conversation conducted by one of our virtual receptionists. 

3. Emergency Disaster Phone Support

When there’s a natural disaster or catastrophic local emergency, open telephone communication is critical. If your local service or store is in high demand during such disasters, you need a team to support you. 

Our virtual emergency support team is able to keep your local business running with the following emergency services:

  • • Providing continuous phone coverage for businesses during power outages due to hurricanes, tornadoes or thunderstorms.
  • • Answering and processing high call volumes for snow plowing companies during minor to severe snowstorms.
  • • Dispatching and monitoring service call orders for disaster restoration contractors, technicians and organizations.

We have a proven track record of never experiencing downtime or telephone service interruption in our 30 years of operations. With our corporate office located in Central Florida, our equipment and backup generators have been tested by past hurricanes and storms. Since 1986, A Courteous Communications continues to provide our customers with reliable telephone coverage they can trust.      

Start the Conversation Today, Call Our Emergency Answering Service!  

Our emergency answering serviceoffers highly competitive rates with no long-term commitments. Call us today at 1-800-785-6161 to speak with an account specialist about your company’s unique needs. Our basic answering package costs as little as $19.95 a month. Give us a call and get a custom rate that makes sense for you.  


We’ll be detailing unique services for various industries in future articles. If your specific industry wasn’t listed in this article, be sure to like us on Facebook and receive weekly notifications on your newsfeed as new articles are published.

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