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24 Hour Air Conditioning Answering Services

24 Hour Air Conditioning Answering Services

Our offices were first opened in Orlando in 1986 and our corporate office continues to reside in good ol’ sunny, hot Florida.  Trust us when we say, we know a thing or two about providing air conditioning answering services. We have a variety of service professional businesses that we answer for and are fluent in what kind of customer service is needed for after-hour service calls and requests. Allow us to share some creative ways our virtual receptionists can help you beat out your competitors and be successful in the HVAC industry.   

24 Hour Air Conditioning Answering Service Available

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning businesses are in an industry where ‘normal business hours’ just do not apply. When a unit breaks down on a Saturday night, your business needs to be available to handle that service order and dispatch an on-call HVAC technician A.S.A.P. Your customers are in need of immediate attention and investing in air conditioning answering services will give you the power to never miss a service request phone call again. 

If your business is available for service requests 24 hours a day and you haven’t outsourced your telephone call handling, that means you have your business line forwarded to your mobile phone. How many times has your ringing cell phone interrupted you at the dinner table with your family? How often are you woken up in the middle of the night with a frequently asked question? What calls are you missing when you are not able to answer your cell phone? Owning a small to mid-sized HVAC company doesn’t have to keep you, personally, on-call 24 hours a day. When you hire our answering service, you are obtaining freedom and peace of mind to know that when you work cell phone does go off, it’s because your virtual receptionist has booked and confirmed an actual appointment. 

Allow our team of virtual receptionists to help you focus on what you do best: working with cooling and heating systems; while we focus on what we do best: speaking with and assisting customers over the telephone. And it doesn’t have to break your budget. Our call center for air conditioning company services are extremely affordable and can cost as little as $19.95 per month.

Communication Hub Between Multiple Locations or Technicians

If your HVAC company has multiple locations, we can act as your customer service hotline and will streamline all of your communication through a centralized hub. By giving one dispatcher the ability to connect and take service orders for multiple locations, you are organizing your business model to its most efficient form. 

If your air conditioning business has just one location but several on-call technicians, we will be able to handle multiple on-call technician service calendars and keep communications open between your technicians and unit owners.   

As your centralized communications hub, we can customize every aspect of your account and provide assistance in a variety of administrative tasks:

  • • Providing 24 hour customer service telephone support
  • • Enhancing internal communications with service technicians and personnel 
  • • Screening, scheduling, and dispatching HVAC service calls 24 hours a day
  • • Secure telephone payment processing for service orders
  • • Customer care and/or complaint department call reporting
  • • Answering center for frequently asked questions  

Seasonal and After-Hour Call Center for AC Company

If your HVAC company has a receptionist that works in your office during normal business hours, we can customize your account so that when your on-site receptionist leaves for the day, he or she can simply forward your business lines to our HVAC answering service. Likewise, if you have high call volumes during busy seasons, we can act as an overflow receptionist. We answer your lines when you want us to and you only pay for calls that we take on your behalf.

Our basic air conditioning answering services can cost you as little as $19.95 per month and you can receive 50 free calls just by entering into a month-to-month contract with us. With our highly competitive rates and no long term commitment contracts, we can fit into any air conditioning company’s budget at zero risk to you.    

Click Here to Watch a Demo of an After-Hours HVAC Answering Service Call

Want more information on our Air Conditioning Answering Service?

Whether you need telephone support during the day or emergency service call dispatch services at night, our HVAC answering service is ready to help your service business succeed.  Give us a call today at 1 (800) 785-6161 or start shopping on our on-line store to find the best package for your air conditioning and heating company.    

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