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20 Office Supplies to Brighten Up Your Desk

20 Office Supplies to Brighten Up Your Desk

Pens, paper, printers and more! You need a lot of supplies to keep yourself productive and organized at the office. These twenty office supplies can help you personalize your workspace, keep you productive, and help you stay organized.

Fun Office Supplies For Your Desk:

1.) Mini Business Card Filing System

Keep all your business cards organized with this mini file cabinet.

2.) Pig Buddies USB Hub

This cute office supply provides you with three piglet flash drives and a mother pig USB hub.

3.) R2D2 Trash Can

If you are a Star Wars fan than this trash can will be a must have on your office supply list.

4.) Tape, Tape Dispenser

This fun office supply appears to be an outdated cassette tape but is used as an actual tape dispenser.

5.) Desktop Skeeball

Sometimes you need an office supply that is just to put a little fun in your day. This miniature skee ball game is a fun desktop addition for your office.

6.) Clip-On Cup Holder

If you want to keep your coffee cup close by without taking up too much desk space, then this is one office supply you will want to put on your must get list.

7.) Solar USB Charger

If you are lucky enough to have a window close to your workspace, then getting this solar charger for your phone or tablet is a must.

8.) The Silent Mouse

If you want to rid your long work hours of the constant, and sometimes annoying, clicking noise of your mouse, then this silent mouse is a great addition to your office supplies.

9.) Digital Smart-pen

This handy office supply not only records, but also converts your ‘writing’ to a digital format that you can conveniently load onto your computer. This is a great tool to have for a meeting, as it will allow you to search out specific points in the recording by selecting a word from your notes taken.

10.) Cable Clips

You will never have to search for the ends of your chargers, USB cords or cable hook ups with this office supply that can be used on top or on the sides of your desk.

11.) Monitor Rear View Mirror

This handy office supply is great if you work with some extra awesome co-workers that are constantly looking over your shoulder.

12.) Perpetual Calendar

Want a new and modern way to keep track of what day it is? Use this creative calendar to take the place of those paper calendars.

13.) Privacy Filters

A privacy filter is a great office supply that will keep your work for your eyes only. This is not only great to use on your laptop in the office, but also if you tend to do your work on your commute to and from work. This will keep those nosy passengers or coworkers unable to read what is on you screen.

14.) iStick Multifunctional Desktop Organizer

This is the ultimate organizer for your office supplies. This desk organizer hosts a USB hub, phone holder, cup holder, business card holder and a number of other organizing functions.

15.) Sort It Out Wall Caddy

This office supply organizer can hang conveniently on your wall. It serves as a dry erase board to keep track of your week, has key ring hooks and various compartments to keep your desk clean and your work organized.

16.) Writable Coaster Pads

If you always seem to be searching for paper to take a quick note or reminder on, then you will want to get this office supply for your desk. This two in one item functions as a coaster for your cup and a dry erase surface that you can quickly take notes on.

17.) Pens and Pencils

You will want to ensure that your office is properly stocked with plenty of writing utensils and there are a number of them to choose from. You can stick with the professional pen or keep your own stock of fun mustache pencils.

18.) Handy Manual Shredder

Unlike most office shredders, this is a simple and quiet shredder that works from being hand cranked and can be kept on or under your desk.

19.) Important Task Clips

These task clips can help you better organize your paperwork by being able to classify them as urgent, important, can wait or trivial. These clips come with medium and mini clips to keep your paperwork more organized.

20.) Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are a common supply staple in every office. There are a variety of fun and creative sticky notes you can use in your office.


Brighten up your workspace with these fun office supplies!

Just because you work at a desk does not mean you have to stick with the same bland office supplies. These 20 must have office items not only help you stay organized throughout your work day, but can also bring a little more fun into your work space.

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