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10 Ways Our Virtual Receptionists Will Keep Your Customers Happy

10 Ways Our Virtual Receptionists Will Keep Your Customers Happy

We first opened our business answering services back in 1986 and we welcome the opportunity to share with you the top 10 ways our virtual receptionists will keep your customers happy. 

How will our virtual receptionists will keep your customers smiling?

1. Answering Calls Within Two Rings

Our in-house staff answers millions upon millions of calls for our customers each year. We are proud to share our average answer rate is within the first two rings of your customer calling into your business lines.

Your customers will be pleasantly surprised with our immediate attention to their call and we will help give your business an outstanding first impression.   

2. Kiss Long Hold Times Goodbye

Remember this important statistic when making your decision to hire adequate help, “67% of customers hang up on a phone connection out of frustration they could not talk to a real person and 75% of customers believe it takes too long to reach a live agent.”

Right now as you read this, we have virtual receptionists that are sitting in their workstation, hooked up to a computer with a headset in what we call ready mode. They are ready to take your next customer’s call and are trained in providing caller control to handle calls with expert speed without ever diminishing customer service value.    

3. We Answer Your Lines All Day, Every Day

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week our team of professionals may seem like they never sleep. We keep your business available to your current and potential customers and work around their time schedule.

We love hearing the delight and surprise of your customers calling us and sharing, “Oh wow, I had no idea your office would be answering at 6:00 pm on a Saturday.”

4. Our Virtual Receptionists Speak Their Language

Not only do we expand your geographical reach by being available during all time zones, but we also expand your market reach with our multilingual answering services. Our multilingual telephone agents knock down any language barrier that may be holding you back from growing your business.

We can translate your caller’s telephone messages and/or emails into English, or your preferred language. With our team working as an extension of your office, you never have to turn away new business because of language barriers.  

5. A Courteous Communications Doesn’t Experience Downtime

It’s a pretty bold statement but we have thirty years of continuous service to our customers to back it up. Our Orlando-based call center has never experienced service interruption or downtime, like never ever.

Not that we haven’t been tested over the years with Florida hurricanes cutting electricity and natural disasters shutting down surrounding businesses. We have state of the art equipment, backup generators and additional safeguards to keep your lines up and running.

We will be asking your valued customers how we can help them while your competitor’s business line gives a disconnected series of beeps or an automated message, “We’re experiencing technical difficulties. Please try your call again.”

6. Patching Calls to You Seamlessly

Thirty years of experience in call handling allows us to act as a representative of your business, just as if we were sitting right in your office. Patching is an industry term we use for connecting a live call straight to you on your landline or mobile number. Some of our customers request that we patch certain call types or particular VIP customers straight to the on-call employee for immediate attention.

With a push of a button we can transfer your caller straight to a designated phone number as if we were an on-site receptionist transferring the call to a specific employee extension. Your customer will never have to know that we are your answering service, because we act as your business’s receptionist.     

7. We Are Award Winning in Customer Service

Our team works so hard to meet the high standards of industry-run customer service competitions and so we are eager to brag, our virtual receptionistsare award winning!

The national and international competitions we enter our Orlando Call Center are never ‘easy’ wins. We submit our agents to 6-month long, mystery call programs where judges will call and pretend to be a caller on a random business line. Our team never knows which calls are tests and which calls are real. In order to continue to keep our title of award winning services, we must make certain to provide elite customer service with each and every call that rings into our call center. 

8. In-House Tech Support Customizes Your Account

We provide an in-house technical support and programming team to better assist our customers’ unique needs. You tell us how you would like your lines to be answered and we will create your custom account according to your exact specifications. You can call us 24 hours a day with any last-minute changes to your account and we will be more than happy to put your requests into effect immediately.

Up to date information will always leave your customers with a great impression of your business’s professionalism and attention to detail.  

9. Agents Trained in Compassion and Caller Control

Our highly skilled team answers very important lines that often can involve life and death situations. Being responsible for answering critical lines for hospitals, after-hour patient care and hospice hotlines, our agents are fully trained in compassion and caller control.

Sometimes, your customers just need to hear a friendly voice that is understanding and empathetic. Other times, your customers need a clear leader to direct them in the direction they need to go. Outsource these calls to a team of professionals and understand that we are trained in these matters and will be able to field and handle your business calls with confidence.   

10. We Answer FAQ’s 24 Hours a Day 

Simply put, we can act as your informational hub by providing immediate answers to your calling customers’ frequently asked questions. Whether you are a restaurant with dining room dress code requirements or you an attorney’s office that has specific minimum retainer amounts, allow us to field your FAQ’s while you and your staff attends to more pressing matters.    

Ready to Try Our Virtual Receptionist Team Out?

Since we do not require long-term contract commitments, why don’t you try us out for a month and give us a trial run? Start the conversation; give us a call today at 1-800-785-6161 to speak with an accountant specialist to discuss how we can keep your customers happy. 

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