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10 Reasons Why You Need a Cell Phone Answering Service

10 Reasons Why You Need a Cell Phone Answering Service

Are you a small business owner that is using your cell phone as your main business contact number? If you are, our cell phone answering service is shaking our head and urging you to read on to learn why you need a new communication approach in 2016.

How our cell phone answering service can help your small business

1. Bottom line, consumers trust landlines.

Think about your own personal ways of vetting a business as a new customer. You want to make sure that the company you choose to give your hard earned money to is a legitimate business and not some fly-by-the-night scamming entrepreneur.

When you invest in a separate phone number for your business, you are investing in your company’s professional image and legitimacy. With business answering service rates as low as $19.95 per month, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be offering your callers the best customer service possible.   

2. No one wants to be on-call 24 hours a day.

When you use your personal cell phone to answer your business lines there is no downtime. And if you have a separate mobile phone dedicated to just receiving business calls, you are always bogged down with the responsibility of two ringing cell phones.

Hire affordable help and change your quality of life from stressed and overworked to efficient and productive.  

3. Business calls and a lack of privacy don’t mix well.

If you are using your mobile phone as your business line, it’s likely your business is mobile as well. While you are out and about handling the operations of your business think about when you receive calls. Are you providing quality and focused customer service when you answer a customer’s call while waiting in line for your coffee? Or are your answering your cell while walking downtown to your next meeting; with city noises and distractions in the background?

No matter your industry, your competitors are just waiting to steal your leads and existing customers from you. Don’t skimp on professionalism and give your callers a reason to start shopping and sniffing around your competition.     

4. Personal calls and business calls should be distinguishable.

Sure, the majority of your personal numbers are saved into your cell phone and you can choose how to answer your line based on caller id. However, this method can be confusing and it’s so important to your customers that they receive quality attention and customer service when calling in.

How do you answer your cell phone? Do you use a professional greeting that includes your business name or do you just press answer and respond with an informal, “Yellow?” Think about your business line greeting and make it a universal experience for all callers.     

5. Is your voicemail recording professional?

Our virtual receptionists think that NO calling customer should ever reach a voicemail recording, like never ever. But if you have no choice and are sending leads and customers to an antiquated voicemail, what are new and existing customers listening to? Remember that first impressions are lasting and please take into consideration that, “67% of customers hang up on a phone connection out of frustration they could not talk to a real person.”

When you hire a cell phone answering service, you are gaining 100% confidence that your customers will never reach a voicemail message. Your callers will be greeted by a real person, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

6. Don’t trust a cell phone battery to be constantly charged.

Okay so mobile phones are great for making sure you receive your business calls on the go. However, cell phone batteries are not the best option to be placing your business’s trust in. What happens when your cell dies? Can you afford to lose important calls because you didn’t get a chance to plug in your company’s sole form of communication?

7. What happens if your cell is lost or worse, stolen!?

You lose your phone and just like having a mobile phone with no battery juice, losing a phone can majorly impact your business’s profit margin. If a stranger answers your lost cell phone and tells your customers that you lost your phone, what your customers really hear is, “The person you decided to trust your business and personal information with is not reliable or responsible.”

All sorts of scary situations can arise when your business mobile phone is actually stolen. Any smart hacker can retrieve vital information about your customers and their accounts, given the opportunity.   

8. Avoid car crashes and accidents when traveling.

We recently published an article that you may want to read as well, “Why You Need to Put the Cell Away While Driving.” Each day in the United States, more than 9 people are killed and more than 1,153 people are injured in crashes that are reported to involve a distracted driver. Don’t become a part of this statistic because you felt you needed to answer that customer’s phone call.

9. In a business meeting? Think twice before answering that call.

According to Forbes, 86% of professionals surveyed think it’s inappropriate to answer phone calls during business meetings. Recent studies don’t have to tell you what your mother always taught you, that it’s just simply rude behavior.

When you hire a cell phone answering service, you are hiring a virtual personal assistant, as well as a receptionist. Allow us to take down your callers’ information and message for callbacks when you are out of meetings and available to take their calls.     

10. Screening your incoming calls is an invaluable asset.

When you are personally answering your cell phone, an unknown number can patch through just about anybody to you at any time. Take away the guess work of trying to remember a client’s account, order or reason for calling.

Our virtual receptionists are expert gatekeepers and can assist you in screening your incoming calls. We allow you to be fully informed and prepared so you can provide expert advice, solutions or timeframes to your calling customers.  

What are you waiting for? Give our cell phone answering service a call now!

We hope that this article helps you understand the importance of having a dedicated business line for your customers to reach day or night. If you are ready to hire an affordable cell phone answering service, give us a call at 1-800-785-6161 to speak with an account specialist and we can discuss your company’s specific needs.

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