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10 (Nearly Free) Ways to Boost Morale in the Workplace

10 (Nearly Free) Ways to Boost Morale in the Workplace

Gallop released their 2015 Employee Engagement Report and it shares insights on why your production levels may seem stagnant. The US. based study shared that, “The majority (50.8%) of employees were not engaged, while another 17.2% were actively disengaged.” So what do these shocking staff stats mean to business owners and office managers?

Simply put, you need to start focusing on keeping your employees happy and satisfied. Having a great working environment and high morale in the office will produce engaged employees. Engaged employees’ performance levels are 202% higher than disengaged employees. Have we got your attention? 

Here are 10 budget-friendly ways to boost morale in the workplace that will foster a positive work environment.    

Creative and Free Ways to Boost Morale In The Workplace

1. Invest in Fresh Flowers

It may seem trivial, but keeping fresh flowers in your office will encourage positivity amongst your employees. In Medical Daily’s article, Flower Power is Real, we learn that there are emotional benefits that are transferred from the mere presence of flowers.

“These studies suggest that flower power is in fact real, and it can produce positive emotions such as sympathy and connectedness. Flowers can reinforce positive social behavior, socio-economic acts such as social greeting patterns, and even memories of social events.”

2. Weekly Team Meetings

Misunderstandings, lack of direction and poor communication lead to low morale in the office. Your staff want to do a great job but they may feel powerless if they’re frustrated with the direction of a project.  

Make a commitment to gather once a week (once a day if you can). Allow your employees to email any specific questions or suggestions to be added to the meeting agenda. Encouraging your employees to have open communication with the entire team will reduce stress levels and boost morale. 

3. Flex Schedule Options 

The normal 9 to 5 workday isn’t for everyone. Ask your employees if they’re satisfied with their current work schedule. If they aren’t, offer to brainstorm new hours that will be mutually beneficial.

If your employee has a difficult travel route to and from work, maybe they’d want to start an hour early in order to leave before rush hour traffic hits. If another employee likes to sleep in, offer them a 10 to 6 shift option. 

Know that a virtual answering service can help your in-house receptionist pick his or her schedule too. We can intercept your incoming calls and transfer them to your on-site staff just like your receptionist would. Click here to review our affordable monthly service rates.

4. Psychology Tricks to Influence Your Staff 

We’re not suggesting that you trick your staff into working harder. We recommend implementing staff programs that influence positive energy in the office.

  1. 1.) Give a Favor. Take a Favor. Say Thank You. 

Encourage staff members to rely on one another when they’re in a jam. Start a give a favor, take a favor program in your office and see the benefits of reciprocity.

  1. 2.) Use a First Name Policy 

Train your employees to use one another’s first name when speaking with them. Dale Carnegie shares, “A name is the core part of our identity, and so hearing it validates our existence, which makes us much more inclined to feel positively about the person who validated us.”

  1. 3.) Encourage Flattery

Build a work environment that is fueled with positive reinforcement. Have your team acknowledge and verbalize colleague’s accomplishments on a regular basis.

5. Practice Active Listening  

Train your staff to actively listen to each other when communicating. Psychology Today details the steps of active listening as follows:

  1. 1. Look at the speaker’s eyes to pay attention to nonverbal communication.
  2. 2. Empathize by trying to understand the emotional undertones of what is being said. 
  3. 3. Use open ended questions to understand issue fully.
  4. 4. Ask permission if you have something to tell, ask or explain.
  5. 5. Paraphrase what the speaker said back to them to confirm the message.  

6. Stock the Breakroom with Happy Food

There are certain foods that boost endorphins (the chemicals in our brains that release feelings of happiness). Try stocking your breakroom fridge with one or more of these happy foods:

  1. • Chocolate
  2. • Strawberries
  3. • Ice Cream
  4. • Pasta
  5. • French Bread
  6. • Bananas
  7. • Grapes
  8. • Nuts
  9. • Oranges
  10. • Sesame Seeds

Allow these foods to be easily accessible to your team for healthy ways to boost morale in the workplace.

7. Create Music Playlists for the Office

Listening to music can, “Lift (or reinforce) your mood and ultimately lead to a greater quality of life.” Have your staff rotate the responsibility of creating a playlist for the office.

Encourage your new office deejays to use positive, soothing or upbeat songs to influence the office environment for the better.

8. Volunteer in the Community Together

In our recent featured article, The Health Benefits of Volunteering, we share the positive effects of office volunteer teams. There is a plethora of research that shows how volunteering can help your mind, body and soul. 

Seek out charities or outreach programs in your community to help. You’ll get the “Helper High” together and work more effectively as a team.

9. Celebrate Special Days of Staff Members

Boost your team’s morale on an individual basis by recognizing and celebrating meaningful days. Bring in a birthday cake; have a baby shower; or celebrate work anniversaries as a team. Not only will you make the celebrated employee feel special, but you’ll also foster closer employee relationships.

Build a close knit team by treating one another more like friends than coworkers.  

10. Positive Workplace = Positive Staff

Shift your attention to create more positive effects in the workplace. Focusing on ways to increase your productivity numbers should be a secondary priority for business owners and office managers. Try to discovery ways to make your employees happier and (according to the Gallop Polls) your overall productivity should organically increase by 202%.

We hope these budget-friendly ways to boost morale in the workplace inspire you to make some positive changes in your office! 

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