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Why I love answering services…

“As an employee of A Courteous Communications, I enjoy being a telephone receptionist for many different clients in many fields of business. I love my fellow co-workers, we almost seem like family. Our company cares about our community and enjoys many opportunities in giving back. There are many opportunities to feel like you make a difference in someone’s life either on the phone with a caller needing immediate action or feeding someone who needs a meal and a word of encouragement. Thank you A Courteous Communications for allowing me this experience.

Renea Kiing, A Courteous Communications

Sole-Practitioner and Large Law Firms Can Benefit From Our  Answering Service for Lawyers

Here at A Courteous Communications, we are highly experienced in answering telephone calls for legal professionals and have been answering attorney telephone lines for over 25 years. Whether you are a sole-practitioner running a one man show or you are a large law firm with multiple locations, A Courteous’ answering service for attorneys can help you get the job done.

For all you sole practitioners that answer your own telephone lines, schedule your own initial consultations, speak with judicial assistants to schedule court appearances and seesaw back and forth with opposing counsels searching for open viable dates; you don’t have to carry all of that workload by yourself.

  • Assisting Potential Client and Case Telephone Inquiries 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
  • Scheduling Initial Consultations for Your Potential Clients According to Your Calendar
  • Scheduling Hearings and Conferences With the Judicial Assistant and Opposing Counsel
  • Providing Top Notch Customer Service as Your Firm’s Legal Receptionist
  • Monitoring and Screening Calls to Help You Plan and Delegate Tasks Accordingly
  • Dispatching Client Calls to the Proper Attorney, Paralegal and Legal Assistant Assigned to the Case

A Courteous’ trained legal office receptionists can help take that work of your back leaving you to do what you do best, practice law! Allow us to provide legal assistance when it comes to answering your business telephone lines and filling up your appointment calendar with your ideal potential clients. Being a sole-practitioner, we also know the high competitiveness of the legal industry and can be available for your law firm 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For large law firms with multiple offices, let us be your first point of contact that unites all of your offices together. Your law offices can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without grossly raising your overhead expenses. When it comes to attorneys, we understand the problem and swift solution expectations and can provide top notch, elite customer service to your clients, opposing counsels, expert witnesses and affiliates calling in to your legal telephone lines. We can also act as your lead virtual legal receptionist by dispatching calls to on-call client managers, paralegals and attorneys. We can monitor a potential client call and based on your input of your ideal client, we can spend the time to go over a preliminary consultation to ascertain if the case is worthy of your firm’s attention. Think about never having to miss a client call and wonder how much money was lost because your after-hour calls go straight to voicemail.

Many law firms have clients that come in to the office and therefore, you wish to retain an in-house legal receptionist for your firm. Here at A Courteous we work well as part of your team and as such, can answer your law firm’s telephone lines whenever you need us to. A simple push of the button by your current legal receptionist, and all of your calls will be forwarded to our highly trained legal virtual receptionists. Think about the infinite possibilities of this service! We answer the calls when you or your staff can’t. Is your legal receptionist also your legal assistant and/or paralegal in your office? What happens to the phone lines when your legal support team are greeting and/or meeting with a client? What happens to the ringing phones when your legal receptionist is at lunch? Where do your callers go when your law firm’s doors close at 5:00 pm? What happens when your legal receptionist calls in sick? All of these predicaments are answered and served by retaining our telephone answering services. We can answer your law firm’s telephone lines just after-hours and throughout the night; we can answer your telephone lines on a temporary basis while your receptionist is ill or out of the office; we can also answer your business lines when your receptionist in on another call and all of these features are as simple as forwarding your lines, and/or overage lines, to our state of the art call center.

Allow your firm to be available around the clock with our answering service for lawyers!!

Whether you need a legal team that supports you around the clock; after normal office hours and weekends only; or, on a temporary basis while your current staff is out of the office, A Courteous Communications is the telephone answering service you can trust with your law firm’s telephone calls. Give us a call today and put our services to the test.

Something also to be aware of, we provide your law firm with multi-lingual service capabilities. Never turn away another client due to a language barrier!

Our happy clients!

“We have been very satisfied with the service we have received from Courteous Communications.   If we have a question about any call that was received, someone is always available to talk to.  They have been our answering service for a long time.”

Rosie Roedig, Wiginton Corporation

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