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“I am well into my second year working at A Courterous Communications. I truly enjoy working with my fellow employees. I also enjoy the diversity of the types of calls I handle. Some of them can be quite challenging, but they are also very rewarding. I look forward to continuing my employment here and progressing within the company.

Terry Lombardi, A Courteous Communications

The numbers add up.. We are the BEST answering service for accountants!

Whether you are a licensed CPA with your own home or traveling office or you’re a firm filled with independent brokers and financial advisors, we know exactly what your clients need: Outstanding Client Services from our answering service for accounting firms!

A Courteous Communications has been specializing in quality telephone answering services since 1986 and we know that as a financial professional, your time is best spent on crunching numbers and confirming expenses; researching current market trends; and scouting new business opportunities and investments for your valued clients. Let us do what we do best –provide professional and efficient call handling for your financial office business lines- while you do what you do best –use of your creative mathematics to work miracles for your clients’ bottom lines!

How would your accounting firm benefit if you were known as “the” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year CPA? The early bird gets the worm in the financial industry so how would your brokerage firm benefit if you never missed a call from an interested investor asking for more information on one of your services? Our telephone answering service speaks from experience in saying that your sales commissions and accountant fees will surely increase with our virtual receptionists and scheduling assistants answering your business calls.

Trying to understand how our 24 hour answering service for accountants can benefit your firm’s bottom line? : 

  • Call Forwarding: You forward your accounting office and brokerage firm telephone line to our 24 hour call center team whenever you need telephone support. You can have your calls forwarded by your day shift receptionist every evening at 5:00 pm and then have that same onsite receptionist unforward the calls when returning to the office the following morning at 9:00 am. Call forwarding takes just a minute to accomplish but will ensure that your firm never misses another call from a potential client or lead again. If you run a small accounting firm from your home, you can opt to have our virtual receptionists answer all of your incoming calls all day, every day. Our custom, affordable answering service packages allow you the flexibility to choose when we answer your lines.
  • Call Handling: Our virtual receptionists are specifically trained to answer your business lines and as such, we answer and handle all calls according to your exact specifications. If you were to hire an in-house receptionist, there would be a certain amount of training that you would have to put that receptionist through in order to convey your firm’s brand and reputation. With our virtual receptionists, you can have that same attention to detail but not have to expend the energy in getting your new receptionist up to speed with your business. During an initial consultation, you will work with an accountant specialist to go over your requirements, expectations and custom information.
  • Answering FAQ’s: During your initial consultation, we will gather any answers to your calling customers’ frequently asked questions. Since our telephone agents are trained specifically to answer your business lines, we are also able to train our agents to answer questions like your business hours, location details and directions, extension lists of internal employees or departments, etc. In these instances, when your business phone rings, your day will not be interrupted by tasks that can be and should be outsourced to administrative staff. We will provide award winning customer service to your callers just as an in-house receptionist would at a fraction of the cost.
  • Telephone Messaging Services: If the caller wishes to leave a message for a specific employee or department, our virtual receptionists will take down the name, phone number and message of your caller with accuracy and a genuine eagerness to help. Part of the training of all virtual receptionists with A Courteous Answering Service is verifying and confirming all caller information. With our great attention to detail and accuracy, you will never receive another message that has the misspelled name of a caller or worse, the wrong phone number for a potential customer or lead. After our virtual receptionist takes the caller’s message and contact information, they will then end the call and thank the caller for contacting your business today; while assuring them that their message will be returned just as soon as possible.
  • Message Retrieval Options: A Courteous Communications has been providing telephone messaging services to businesses like yours for nearly 30 years and we have a variety of message retrieval options in place for your ultimate convenience. The delivery method of messages is completely up to your discretion and direction. Some of our clients request that we send a text message, email, fax or personal alert that they have received a message the moment the message is taken by one of our virtual receptionists. With this delivery method, your messages are delivered in real time and you are able to return the caller’s message at your earliest convenience. You may also elect to be designated a secure number that you can call and check your message box for any new messages taken on your behalf. This service can either be automated, or you can speak with one of your virtual receptionist team leaders to get a live account of your unread messages. If you would like our virtual receptionist team to call you during specific times of day to relay the messages, we can also customize a daily or weekly conference with your virtual receptionist to discuss incoming messages and calls. Since we offer 100% customization on all business accounts, we are able to discuss your business’s specific call handling and messaging needs to come up with the optimal message delivery and retrieval system that works for you.
  • Emergency Messages and Orders: When you work with our team of virtual receptionists, you train us by specifically letting us know what your business constitutes an emergency or very important call. When handling your business lines, our virtual receptionist will know exactly when we need to dispatch an emergency message, order or request for service. Your telephone support team will reach out to you on your cell phone or reach out to your employee or service professional on-call for such urgent matters. We will not stop attempting to reach your emergency contact person until we have spoken with you or your representative personally, or received a text, email or other communication that you have received the message and are taking action internally. At our office, we have an expert virtual receptionist that is designated just to ensuring that all emergencies, VIP calls and other service requests are handled, dispatched and confirmed with expediency. You can count on our organization and professionalism to make certain that all emergency and very important calls are handled in a swift and accurate manner.

Our happy clients!

“We have been very satisfied with the service we have received from Courteous Communications.   If we have a question about any call that was received, someone is always available to talk to.  They have been our answering service for a long time.”

Rosie Roedig, Wiginton Corporation

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