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**Please Note: We Currently Do NOT Offer Work At Home Employment Opportunities.

So we’re currently accepting applications and conducting interviews.

If you’ve already heard about about progressive new millennium firms that have set in place employee oriented operating principles and would like to try working for one now is your chance. If working with trained professionals in a team setting where everybody works towards the common goal, rather than competing against one another sounds enticing to you, we have that too. If being compensated with a wage and benefits packages that’s in full accordance with your skill and performance level and that contains ‘real benefits’, not just promises, we also offer that as well.

Remote Business Support Associate (Work at Home)

It’s the Internet that has completely changed the way people can now work at home. We’ve all seen the phony work-at-home come-ons of the past that in the end always turned out to be some kind of scam. What we offer though, is a real hourly work with full pay and benefits, just the same as if you were sitting at a desk working at our company headquarters. It’s accomplished with web-based timekeeping technology that tracks your work as it’s done on your computer. So yes, we have these jobs that are perfect for stay-at-home parents who have been searching for a way to strike the perfect balance between work and family responsibilities.

Bilingual Business Support Associate

If you speak both Spanish and English fluently, then you no doubt have tried to figure out how to make a living with your language skills. After all they are a marketable skill if you could just find the right place to put them to work. We are that right place, but you must be capable of more than just speaking two languages. This is because you also must be self motivating if you plan on working at home, be a good phone communicator, be computer literate, and have good people skills. That is if you enjoy talking to people, and work well with others helping to solve problems than that is a big piece of what we look for in a prospective hire.

Client Services Rep

Client services rep might sound like a difficult and complex Job title but really it’s not. You’ve been dealing with them your entire adult life. They’re the people who pick up the phone if you have any questions or problems with a product or service that you purchased. They’re also the same people who give you a call after you’ve brought a brand-new appliance home to make sure that you understand fully how to operate it, and everything is okay. It’s not rocket science. Rather it’s just good people skills combined with a good dose of ‘can do know how’ for problem resolution to make sure that our clients customers and clients are happy and content with their purchase.

Sales Representative

The problem with sales jobs is that all too often it seems that the better the money is the higher the burnout rate for the people doing the actual selling. It’s just so easy to be stuck wearing uncomfortable formal attire all day with a bunch of cutthroat shark colleagues who would be more than happy to pick your pocket. So if you enjoy sales, and want to try it in a completely new, relaxed, far less formal, team oriented environment where you and your colleagues work in support of each other rather than competing against one another, we want to talk to you.

Where Employees Come First

We operate on the belief system that a firm that works in the service sector of the economy is only as good as its employees. They’re the ones who the phones and the computers on the front lines doing the actual work. So it’s simple, if our employees are happy our clients are happy and it all begins with a fair wage and benefit package that reflects your level of contribution to the company as a whole.

Our Roster of Benefits Include:

A Casual and Comfortable Place to Work

There is one major benefit of working at a remote location in telecommunications, and that is that we’re free to do whatever it takes to make our workers comfortable. Our clients are miles away, so every day is casual Fridays. Then of course if you work at home it pretty much goes without saying that you’re are perfectly free to dress however you want. But another nice thing that all our employees seem to appreciate is that their fellow teammates have all been screened as part of the hiring process for their people skills and a team oriented mentality.

Do You Like to Chat?

All this time that you’ve been chatting away on your computer it turns out that you’ve been developing marketable job skills. It’s what our employees do all day in dealing with clients, only when they do it for clients they’re getting paid for it. So if you type proficiently, and have a knack for online chatting, believe it or not in today’s day and age at a firm like A Courteous Communications it is an in demand and very marketable skill.

Punctuality is a Must

We have in place a scheduling system that allows employees to trade ‘in real time’ work hours. So if for some reason a family commitment pops up, all you have to do is log on to the program, connect up with one of you’re many work associates, make a quick time swap, and it’s done. So in exchange for providing this system that allows for such smooth real-time scheduling solutions, we expect that when it does come time to show up that all employees be there on time.

Raising the Bar for Client Support

Great wages and benefits, a casual work environment, friendly and interesting work colleagues, flexible scheduling, and a pot of hot tea and coffee always at the ready. So now that you’ve made it down this far in the page it all really can seem like one big party. Really it’s not. Yes we do as much as we can to make sure that all our employees are content and comfortable and this is why here at A Courteous Communications we’re blessed with the low turnover rate that we have. But through it all, there is a lot of important work getting done for clients in professional fields such as medical and law where there is zero room for error. So while we give a lot, we also demand a lot in return in terms of professionalism and performance.