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Web Order Entry and Processing 

When you create a business website, you’re opening your business up 24 hours a day. How do you handle the customers who prefer ordering over the phone or who have a quick question to ask before completing their order? Let us handle the calls that come in when your office is closed!

24 Availability with our Web Order Entry and Processing Services

Our goal at A Courteous Communications is to maximize your business potential and make you as successful as possible. One way we can do that is by taking calls and website orders for you during the hours that your office is closed. Instead of hiring receptionists to cover the phones 24/7, let us handle those late night or weekend orders. Simply register for one of our toll free numbers and post it on your website. Your customers can then contact us with their questions or conerns whenever they are ordering.

Web Ordering

When a customer calls with a question about a web order, we can give up to date information by accessing your website. Give us the scripting you want to use, and we’ll answer any questions they may have about specific products. You can even prepare a unique script for any special promotions or sales that are happening so your customers can be aware of those before finalizing their online order.

Out of Stock Items

Our agents are thoroughly trained in sales and we can not only take orders, but also answer customers’ questions and suggest products that will fit their needs. If an item is out of stock, give us some alternative items and we’ll suggest them to the customer.

Payment Options

Increase your payment options with one of our credit card processing options that fit your specific needs. We’ll arrange a secure bank routing number so the funds can be transferred directly into your account within 48 hours.

If payment problems come up, such as credit card denials, we’ll go ahead and call the customer back to verify their information or accept a different method of payment.

Website Backup

Every business owner has known the frustration of temporarily losing website capabilities. Let us step in and help keep your orders flowing with our backup plan. We can store orders and payment information in our system until yours is up and running again. All your information is kept secure and confidential throughout the entire process.

Online Ordering Entry Process

The average online transaction takes about two to five minutes. While the form can be modified to fit your company’s individual needs, we usually suggest asking for the following information:

Give us a call today to learn more about our web order entry and processing services!!

Let us take the stress of managing web orders 24/7 off your shoulders. We’ll even save you money and prevent you from hiring a receptionist to take those after hour and holiday calls. Partnering with us for your website order entry and payment processing is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make! We look forward to becoming part of your team!