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Team Oriented Career Opportunities

Looking for Career Opportunities?

It’s the ready availability of opportunity for upward mobility through on the job training that makes the real difference between a career and just a job. So the very first thing that happens when a prospective employee is screened, cleared and brought on board here at A Courteous Communications is they starting with training will also over time include periodic workshops. 

We Set the Industry Standard in Innovation

So it’s this training that’s going to allow each new employee who starts in as a base-level operator to move up in stature and wage rate to become vested Team Associate in one or more of our industry-specific client service groups. Our entire company is ran on this proven team system, where employees are organized into work-groups to collaborate on problem resolutions and focus as a unit to accomplish client service goals. In our team system each employees strengths and personal assets are also identified and taken into account during task assignments. 

The Training Never Stops

One of the core reasons behind our exceptional employee retention rate that’s also currently one of the highest in the industry, is this ongoing on-the-job training that we offer. Training that allows employees to stay abreast of changing business trends which in turn increases their value both to us as an employee and to our clients as a team member. Periodic workshops are also conducted where employees are given the opportunity to become more familiar with front desk clerical operations and common terminology used in specific industries.

Looking Ahead to Greet the Coming Future

Beginning in the late 1970s when the technology was first developed that allowed for the rerouting of phone calls to remote locations it’s been one long slow motion landslide business innovation. So it seems the only thing that stays constant is that change is ongoing and the only thing that has enabled A Courteous Communications to retain our title as an industry leader is to stay ahead of the curve. To be able to look beyond the horizons and see the change as it approaches, and in turn work to develop innovative solutions to have at the ready as it arrives.