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Software Providers 

The operative phrase for any software provider today who hopes to stay in business is ‘innovate or fail’. Being quick to implement the latest innovations and better products is what it takes to stay ahead of the competition. So then maybe it’s time that she took a good look at your customer support see if you’re up-to-date on it or perhaps beginning the lag behind?

For instance if you’re currently relying exclusively on telephone service you need to know that Courteous Communications can now allow you to branch out into web chat and email. Then we will also allow you to answer the question and lend tech support 24 hours a day seven days a week, all year round. We call it ‘Active Response’ and with these tools we can not only help you better service capabilities but you will also begin to capture more and better leads.

Trained and Experienced Team Tech

One of things that makes us different here at Courteous Communications an sets us miles apart from the crowd of other call fielding firms is Team Tech. This is a group of specialized associates whose only function is to field customer technical support issues after the calls have been routed to them. Their operating system is to handle low-level technical issues on their own in accordance with your preset criteria and then to relay more advanced support issues to your in-house representatives.

We Offer Software Providers:

  1. 24 hour year live answer telephone, email, and web chat support
  2. Backup operators for spikes and incoming phone calls
  3. Team Tech Product technical support
  4. Flexibility for immediate changes
  5. General help desk support
  6. Advanced lead generation services
  7. Call transfer and routing
  8. Sales processing
  9. Bilingual services

Rerouting your incoming phone calls to a service like ours is nothing new, so there’s a lot of call fielding firms to choose from now. What is new however, is the pre-employment screening and then the higher level of training that we put our employees through once they are hired. So whether a caller is asking about general service issues or more complex technical problem that they’re encountering our service operators backed up by Team Tech have solutions. They also do it all in your name with your scripts and in full accordance with your protocols, so all your callers will assume the they’re being helped by your own in-house staff.

You Lay Out the Game Plan

So step one is for you the client is to sit down with our representatives over the phone and come up with a game plan of sorts – scripts, instructions, and protocols that all your calls will be fielded by. You get it ‘your way’ because everything that you lay out to our representatives will be stored in our computer files to be automatically displayed on the operators screen when the phone first rings. So from the very first greeting, to what determines a priority call to be transferred back to you everything is done in strict accordance to your instructions.

Our Sales and Promotions Track Record

Front desk clerical and technical assistance is one thing, but in order for it to exist you need to have an effective sales and lead generation team in place. We have that team ready to go and they come with a proven track record. They have the tools, experience and the know-how to implement an effective lead generation campaign, and then turn those leads into sales once they come in by either closing them on their own or transferring the leads up to your in-house sales associates. Once again just like everything else that takes place at Courteous Communications it’s all done by your scripts and within your protocols.

The Bottom Line: