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Outsourced Help Desk Solutions 

Help desk operations have a well-earned reputation for being difficult to manage and run. It’s the high employee turnover rate that comes with having to deal with customer complaints and technical support issues day in and day out. A high turnover rate that then leads to the hiring of less qualified staff if they will only show up on time and put in a full week. So it’s easy to see why more firms are now outsourcing their help desk duties to Courteous Communications.

Turn a Challenge into a Success

Courteous Communications has immediately become an outsourced help desk support partner of choice. Many of our customers are raving about our help desk services that include the following:

  1. 24/365 live answer telephone service
  2. Complimentary toll-free telephone numbers
  3. After hours support
  4. Call transfer and routing
  5. Paging on-call staff for urgent needs
  6. Bilingual services
  7. Call forwarding

If you think that Help desk operations are too complex for you company to handle, let Courteous Communications help you. Whether you need additional help desk support or are looking to outsource your entire operation, choose Courteous Communications and we will take care of important departments that offer crucial support to customers post purchase. Our professionalism and capability can definitely be of great assistance in providing exceptional Help desk support.

For weary customers who most need help. Courteous Communications brings positive changes to them and turn roadblocks into successes. We are not called the most capable and helpful company for nothing. We will be very willing to extend our support and service and share our expertise and experience to make your company successful.

Our Level 1 tech support service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. The exceptional Team Tech team handles basic problems and elevates complex issues to you. Of course, all of these instructions largely depend on your preferences. We can transfer and route calls or page your on-call staff. It is your call, after all. We can follow instructions according to your description of priority calls. You specify which calls merit special treatment and required urgent solution and which ones should wait until normal business hours.

A comprehensive service can always be made possible by technology. SaaS backend computer system authorizes us to store ample amounts of information like product instructions, specifications, scripts, and protocols. This keeps the business running smoothly as your company’s scripts, product manuals, FAQs and rules will display automatically on the associate’s screen within seconds each time the phone rings through to a Team Tech Business Support Associate’s desk. Amazing, isn’t it? And not only that, we quickly access the manual of the specific product that the customer is calling about bringing us on the same page.

With our outstanding service, we make sure that you company shines splendidly through proper branding on the onset of the call. As we answer calls, we use your company’s name apparently promoting your brand instead of ours. Our primary function is to always highlight your company and the outstanding services it offers. We work as an extension of your company’s internal team; customer care is seamless from your team to ours.

We Do it Better So You Look Better

Ask a worker to do just one job and they’ll do it right every time. Then ask an employee or manager to do a multitude of tasks and get them all right and you’ll quickly find that the sheer volume opens the door to error. So it’s simple. At Courteous Communications our front desk help staff do one thing and they do it right. They answer calls concerning front desk support. But just as important is that the calls are answered and all instructions and information is given in your companies name. So as far as the callers are concerned they’re being serviced by your own on-site help desk.

The Bottom Line on Courteous Communications Help Desk Support