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Residential Services 

The life of your business thrives on effective marketing, customer acquisition and dedicated service to existing clients. Courteous Communications gives you an answering service solution that is innovative and affordable for residential service providers instead of making you spend more resources to administrative position or personally answering calls.

Aside from all the regular maintenance that must be done on and around a home everything in and on them as a service life. So like it or not they are slowly disintegrating and that means one thing for you if you’re in the residential services business. It means that there is a whole lot of potential business out there if you are just willing to do what it takes to grab a dominant share of the market in you’re operating area. That’s where we here it Courteous Communications come in.

Reap the positive reflection on your business as the effect of our dedication to customer service. Our business has grown through giving first-rate customer care that our clients rely on for their reputations. Our team is made of only the best customer service professionals who are motivated and well taken care of. Being one of the companies bearing the lowest turnover rates in the industry, Courteous Communications’s expertise and dedication is evident with each customer call.

Service Starts with the Initial Contact

If you’re in any type of business that operates in the service sector, like it or not you’re being judged and graded beginning with the first initial contact. First impressions count the most, so it’s imperative that you put your best foot forward every time your phone or an e-mail is answered, even if it’s not you who is doing the answering. We’ve built our business on a solid reputation established by well-trained, competent and motivated associates. Business support team members who are available to build on your reputation as well.

Here is a brief history of our successful partnerships.

Staying Available 24 Hours a Day

There was a time not really too long ago when voicemail was the latest breakthrough technology. Business people everywhere were using it to stay in touch after closing hours and during peak call periods when they couldn’t answer every call that came in. Recent studies have shown however, that as many as 30% of callers who encounter voice mail or an answering machine simply hangup. So the solution is simple, and it comes in the form of the business support associates at Courteous Communication where we even have reserved operators on standby to step in during peak call periods.

Being available and reachable 24/365 means greater return on the investment you made in marketing. It is not uncommon for new customers to wait until a live person would finally pick up for a trouble call. In otherwise, money spent on advertising is wasted. We are available all day and any day to service your customers with our teams on flexible schedules.

All Answering Services are Not the Same

Any business in the service sector is only as good as its employees, their level of training and the tools that they have to work with. So going on the assumption that all answering services are the same can lead to a costly lessons that you won’t soon forget. We carefully screen each prospective employee and then after they’ve cleared the screening process and are hired they’re required complete and in-house training program. Even then all our business support team members are required to attend periodic workshops.

The Bottom Line on Courteous Communications Front Desk Outsourcing:

  1. 24 hour a day prompt phone answering and immediate e-mail response to help maintain your competitive edge.
  2. We offer a broad range of front desk services above and beyond call answering an e-mail response to include scheduling and priority call forwarding.
  3. Bilingual operators help you to reach out to a broader customer base and also help with recruiting new employees.
  4. Flexible billing plans mean you only get charged for the actual time that a business support team member is on the phone with or e-mailing a client or performing outsourced front desk services.
  5. We do not stop at simply taking messages. Your input is in the heart of how we answer your calls as we use only your personalized scripts. Whether in managing appointments, sales support or customer service, your customers can benefit from our Spanish and English speaking representatives.