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Inbound Call Answering for Commercial Services 

Who hasn’t heard the old saying, “Build a better mousetrap and they will come”? Well this used to be true but the Internet has changed all that. So now the saying really should be, “Promote your mousetrap better online and they will come” You’re not the only show in town and the people in the community that you serve know that. This in turn has the general client and customer base that you draw your business from spending more time shopping around. Now the good news here is that Courteous Communications stands at the ready to make this work in your favor.

This is Where We Come In

Live 24-hour phone service makes a huge difference in and of itself. This is because studies have proven that as many as 30% of callers who encounter voice mail or answering machines simply hangup. So that’s 30% of potential business right there that your competition may be simply ‘blowing off”. Clients and customers that are there for the taking, and we have the trained and experienced call service operators ready to step in to handle that job for you.

It’s the same thing with e-mails too. If you’re answering your e-mails from prospective clients and customers when get the time, for a lot of them it’s too late. They contacted more than one business, so it’s first come first serve. We respond ‘immediately’ to any and all e-mails that come in for your company and this alone can make a big showing on your bottom line.

Training and Experience Makes a Difference

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all answering services are the same because they’re not. Just like any other businesses in the service sector each one is only as good as the workers that they employ, the training and tools that they give them to work with, and the managers who supervise them. At Courteous Communications all new perspective team members must first clear our rigid screening process. Then after that has been done we give them the training that’s required elevate them to our performance standards.

Software Tools Give You the Competitive Edge

We also equip our business support team with a unique set of software tools that have been developed by our technical support specialists. They install directly into your site and costs you absolutely nothing. With these tools we can monitor in real time where visitors are going and what they’re viewing on your site. Then just like a sales associate at a community based off line business, with the information that we have in hand from monitoring them we can initiate chats to convert them into paying customers on the spot.

A Short List of Some of Our Typical Clients

A Prompt Response Sets You Apart From the Crowd

You don’t need to be told that your business is being graded by prospective customers and clients beginning with your first response. The problem you may have though, is that with so many other matters to attend to being there to provide that prompt and courteous response is all too often easier said than done. We are rated at answering 90% of our calls within the first four rings and our team associates have the training and the experience that it takes to convert those leads into paying customers.

Your Calls and E-mails Handled Your Way

Outsourcing your call fielding and front desk services is one thing but having it done in a professional manner in complete accordance with your instructions, specifications and scripts is another thing altogether. This is what it takes to have your callers convinced that they’re speaking to your front office customer help desk rather than an answering service. So everything that transpires from the first “hello” from our service members is done in strict accordance to your instructions.

The Bottom Line on Courteous Communications Help Desk

  1. 24 hour a day, seven day a week fast and courteous customer response allows you to capitalize on each and every opportunity that comes your way, even while you sleep.
  2. Free software tools integrated into your site allows us to gather information on site visitors interests prior to contact and to initiate chat contact to better convert visitors into paying customers.
  3. Fast and efficient call transfer and relay in accordance with your specifications means a high priority calls and contacts can be seamlessly directed to your personal phone.
  4. Your scripts, specifications and instructions in the hands of our trained and experienced team associates means that callers will always assume that they’re talking to your own front desk operator.
  5. You are only billed for the time that an Courteous Communications team associates spend on the phone talking to a customer or on the computer doing actual work.