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Answering Service Providers for the Hospitality Industry 

No matter what type of business you run, if it’s in the hospitality business genre even if it’s a return customer it all started with their first booking. So now the big key to success in today’s more competitive Web driven market is staying available to answer those calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Of course for many owners and managers that’s simply impossible, so this is precisely why so many today are now turning to Courteous Communications business support associates to respond to calls, e-mails and web chats when they can’t be there to do it themselves.

We Are More than Just an Answering Service

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all call fielding firms that you can find online are the same because they’re not. Of all business operators, it’s those that work in the hospitality business sector that know more than any others the importance of screening employees, training those that pass the screening process and then providing a wide range of service options. We do just that. So all your communications are fielded by courteous and experienced team members who are capable of performing a wide range of front desk tasks and it’s all done in strict accordance to your set protocols, instructions and scripts.

Straight Talk on Voicemail

Keeping up with and taking advantage of the latest technological advancements as they arrive while letting go of the old has always been what separates businesses that thrive and those that struggle. Recent studies have shown that up to 30% of callers who encounter voice mail or answering machines simply hang up rather than leave a message. So we pick up the phone for that 30% that have been hanging up on you all along and then we’re able to take reservations, answer questions and explain options on pricing as well as promote services and special features that you’re business has to offer.

Evolving Beyond the Telephone

The Internet now allows you to reach across time zones and even borders to draw in clients and customers from an infinitely larger pool. At the same time though, in that same pool you now have far more competition to contend with. So the key to success is tilting the playing field in your favor by having a trained e-mail and web chat support team equipped with the latest software tools to maximize on lead numbers and then capitalize on each and every lead that comes your way, and we have just those tools.

Striving for Perfecting

Part of the job the remaining competitive in any type of hospitality business is striving to achieve perfection. To provide perfect accommodations, perfect ambience, perfect food. Perfection in everything that you provide and that should also extend to your phone and web-based communications and we have that covered for you.

The Bottom Line on Courteous Communications Front Desk Outsourcing: