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Answering Service Providers For Small Business 

It’s Courteous Communications’s goal to give you and your clients only the most exceptional customer support via phone and online means each hour of the day and each day of the year.

Commercial Services

This 24/365 availability of service is being counted on by commercial landscapers, janitorial services, plant care, security companies and repair services.

Waste removal services arborists, movers, private security providers and temp worker services all rely on us to handle thee front desk operations of their small business when they can’t be there to do themselves. We field calls, provide information, screen prospective clients and employees and provide general services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year nonstop. When their front doors close we make sure that they still stay open for business to help them remain profitable in today’s more competitive business arena.

Residential Services

The typical customer calls at his convenience, which is not during business hours. Residential services count on us to take care of these calls out of their office.
Homeowners need services after hours and on weekends, so when you can’t be there to field their calls we can be. Remember that recent studies have shown that up to 30% of callers will hang up on her voice-mail or answering machine rather than leave a message. So it’s that 30% of business that won’t be going to your competitors when you have our competent and reliable businesses support Associates there to take those calls.


Hospitality businesses become successful with attracting potential customers and arranging reservations, may it be a bed & breakfast or a spa. Customer-friendly and competent Business Support Associates take phone calls, correspond through email and facilitate instant messaging for hospitality businesses 24/365.

There’s no bigger turnoff for a prospective client or customer than to call a hospitality service and run into an answering machine or get passed along to voice-mail. So not only will you lose that 30% who hangup but even those who would leave a message will do so with some trepidation when they’re leaving it with a hospitality service provider. You simply must have a live person ready to respond to all your callers round-the-clock if you plan on remaining competitive.

One crucial element is common to all service providers we have supported and that is having excellent service as their edge against competitors. Customers prefer professionals according to the level of client care which is evident in the first phone call.

Our Service Provider Category here at Courteous Communications includes the following small businsses:

More so than many other business operators, firms that operate in the service sector must deliver superior customer care over and again in a prompt and reliable fashion. Also relying on an answering machine or voice-mail as a stopgap measure may save you money on the front end but will bleed you out on the back-end by way of lost business prospects. Don’t forget that while the Internet may provide you a larger pool to cast your net for clients and customers it also at the same time brings you more competitors as well. So this is why more of today’s savvy service providers go with Courteous Communications as their first choice in outsourced front desk customer service options to help them stay competitive.

The Bottom Line on Courteous Communication’s Live Answering Service for Small Businesses

  1. 24 hour a day, seven day a week prompt and reliable telephone and e-mail response.
  2. Call screening and forwarding to your private phone based on your preset standards and protocols.
  3. All calls and e-mails answered in strict accordance to your preset scripts, so callers always assume they’re talking to the front desk operator in your business.
  4. Cost-effective billing system has you paying only for the time that an Courteous Communications business support associate is actually on the phone or on their computer working.