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Property Management Answering Service 

Courteous Communications understands the primary goal of every property owners to manage their property efficiently and fill up the vacant units as quickly as possible. Your time is valuable; therefore, you should spend it attending to more important things. But hiring your own secretary or personal assistant just to answer phone calls, take messages and schedule ocular visits can be costly. Courteous Communications is offering you efficient and effective property management answering service solutions to help you deal with the daily property management operation.

Courteous Communications is committed to the success of your business. We consider ourselves being part of your company; thus, your success is also our success. For this reason, we invested on training our Business Support Associates so they can be most efficient in providing you, our valued client, the administrative and any other help that you need. You can depend on Courteous Communications to give your clients the best quality, friendly and personalized service that they deserve.
From the outside looking in the average person simply has no idea how much work goes into property management. Of course there’s the ongoing job of filling vacancies and making sure that you have quality tenants as you do it. But then there are maintenance issues because everything that goes into a building has a service life.

So being there to answer the phone every time it rings is a virtual impossibility, so for many property managers simple solution is voice mail or answering machine. What they may not know however, is that recent research has determined that up to 30% of callers simply hang up rather than leave a message. So this is why answering firms in increasing numbers are now partnering with Courteous Communications.

Here is a list of what we can do to help you manage your business.

1. Apartment Complex Managers

For apartment complex managers who live on the premises, aside from dealing with tenet interviews and showings problems beckon for solutions day and night. The problem however, is that you just can’t stay awake all day and night. So for increasing numbers of apartment managers we function as their tenant maintenance request hotline, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This in turn allows them to better focus on rental leads without having to sacrifice their time off.
For Apartment Complexes, we have a pool of knowledgeable Business Support Associates who can serve as your maintenance hotline 24-hours a day, every day. Instead of you having to answer all those phone calls, we will answer them all for you so you don’t miss a call. With our on time submission of tenant service requests report, you will be able to serve your tenants well. And that is good for business. In addition, we also have service vendors ready for dispatch to help you answer all tenant inquiries and schedule viewings of potential tenants.

2. Commercial Properties Management

Managing commercial properties is similar to managing apartments in that you’re dealing with tenants and ongoing maintenance issues. The big difference here though, is the stakes are substantially higher with commercial properties given the amount of money that’s involved. The business support team at Courteous Communications can help you operate smarter and more efficiently on a number of levels. For example 24 hour, seven day a week business support service means that you can more effectively reach across time zones for tenant leads.

3. Streamlined Leasing

Extended leasing agreements involve more than a basic rental contract, and if you’re involved with multiple units finding the time that it takes to deal with leasing leads the contracts can be difficult. We train business support associates at Courteous Communications so they have the knowledge and the experience that’s required to guide your clients through prequalification. This alone can take a big load off your shoulders but they can also schedule appointments and viewings as well.
If you have too much to do and all of them are important, you could get a serious headache deciding which one to do first. You can now unburden some of your load and focus on the most important things. We have knowledgeable and experiences Business Support Associates who can assist your clients through the pre-qualification process. They are also capable of scheduling appointments and viewings to fill up your units quickly.

4. Senior and Assisted Living

It takes a specialized support system to function as backup for someone functioning on a managerial level for assistant or an assisted living or independent living center. So know right now that all call fielding services, and even those who offer front desk outsourcing are not alike. Our property management support team has the training and the experience that qualifies them to function on a support level for this specialized area of property management.

For special care property owners and operators, Courteous Communications has a specialized support team to take care of administrative duties for you. We have knowledge and experience supporting special care properties such as Assisted Living, Independent Living, Alzheimer’s Care, Nursing and Rehab Centers.

Courteous Communications also offers auxiliary services such taking your phone calls when your office is close on the weekends, holidays and after office hours on the weekdays. Every phone call is important so don’t miss out on one. Courteous Communications will provide you with 24 incoming call support so you will not lose any of your potential tenants nor fail to receive service requests from your existing tenants.

No More Missed Opportunities

Finding reliable employees that you can count on show up on time and do all that you ask of them in a competent manner is difficult to do. Then if you should hire a worker or workers who foot the bill in this respect they have to be paid accordingly or they won’t stick around for long. Our business support team and Courteous Communication is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so they’re always there when you need them. Then we have one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry, so you and your clients will always be dealing with familiar voices on the other end of line.

We Have the Experience and the Track Record

It’s to be expected that outsourcing your front desk services either in whole or in part would be approached with some level of trepidation. It’s not as if you’re calling a plumber to replace a leaky faucet. Rather this is your clients or customers and business associates that they’ll be dealing with. So every person we hire goes through the same screening process before their brought on-board to ensure that they are up to our standards. Then finally everything that is done, whether they’re answering the phone responding to an e-mail is done in strict accordance to your preset scripts and protocols.