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Answering Service for Brokerage and Sales Businesses

The mistake that too many brokers and too many people who work in sales make is focusing with tunnel vision on generating leads. Now this is not to say that leads aren’t the seeds of success, but so too is managing them effectively. So they grow to accept that an often high percentage of their leads are not going to result in sales.  So they focusing in on numbers, on getting enough of them coming in to balance out the leads that don’t pan out. At Courteous Communications we specialize in getting the most out of leads with proven effective lead management software tools and team member training.

It is important to have a consistent number of customers and sellers to ensure the success of your business. Whether your services are marketed online, in sign boards and even your business cards, Courteous Communications takes care of handling and acquiring your leads without you having to come to the phone.

Building a Better Mouse Trap

If you’re relying on voicemail to store your leads that you can’t get to in a real-time basis than you need to know something upfront. That is that recent studies have determined that up to 30% of callers will simply hang up rather than leave a message on voicemail. So if you’re too busy to deal with your leads as they come in and are finding yourself with overflow problems it may be worse than you think. Courteous Communications now partners with brokers and sales personnel to field calls and respond to e-mails in real time, that is as they come in 24 hours a day, seven days a week, nonstop year round.

Courteous Communications understands how your schedule can be hectic enough with client meetings, organizing presentations and taking care of contracts. That is why we have reliable Business Support Associates that are available to helping you 24 all year round by taking care of customers’ calls that you would otherwise miss. This is important as customers would more likely choose to invest in your product if they talk to a live person instead of just leaving messages on your voice mail box.

We’re More than Just an Answering Service

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all outsourced answering services on the net are the same, because they’re not. Just like any other type of business that operates in the service sector, a call fielding firm is only as good as the employees that work for it and the number of services they offer. We operate by higher-level of standards by offering more services such as appointment managing and lead grading, and it’s all done in strict accordance to your custom scripts, protocols and instructions.

Integrated Lead Capture Tools

You certainly wouldn’t operate car lot that didn’t have sales personnel who were trained to approach prospective customers proactively. You’d be out of business in no time and the same thing applies online. This is why our technical team has developed a set of software tools that we can integrate into your site free of charge. Software tools that allow our business support associates to take the first step in a per active fashion by actually approaching site visitors with chats. These tools also allow our team associates to monitor site visitor activity on a real-time basis to help them gather helpful information that can in turn be relayed to you along with the lead.

Courteous Communications Front Desk Outsourcing – The Bottom Line:

Employee Screening and Training Makes a Difference

Each and every prospective employee we interview is put to a rigid screening process to ensure that their up to our standards. We look for previous experience, self motivation, an upbeat friendly disposition and of course they must have fluent language skills. Then after they brought on board and pass her probationary period they are given the option of further training to qualify them as a business support team member.

Some Final Words

Organization is necessary with your busy schedule. Let us help you.

We do not only support you with capturing prospects for sales but we also organize your leads and plan appointments with them. Instead of using pre-created spiels, our associates customize their part in the conversation according to your customer’s personal needs.

Training goes a long way in your industry and ours.

You can rest assured that the competency of our Business Support Associates would meet your expectation because they have undergone effective training which is evident in how we do business for you and your clients. While you manage your company, we can have your client services taken care of.