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Legal Marketing 

It was the advent of the Internet that in turn led to the explosion in legal marketing. So now those who engage in it can reach across time zones to millions of more perspective customers and clients. At the same time though, the Internet also opens the door to vast numbers of competitors. So now the new catchphrase in this business genre is, “Innovate or fail” so you simply must be available 24 hours a day.

It Takes Experience and Training-learning-coaching

Capturing leads is one thing but then turning those leads into actual business in this particular business genre is something else altogether. So any call fielding firm just won’t do in this case. Rather you need people who have the training and experience in legal marketing on your side. The first step in becoming a team legal associate for Courteous Communications is clearing our stringent employee screening process. Then after an employee has been hired they must demonstrate exemplary public relations skills before they are put through further training to qualify them to become a team legal associate.

Equipped With Proprietary High Tech Tools

Even then after they have cleared the process to become a Team Legal associate they’re required to attend periodic workshops and are also equipped with the very latest software tools that allow them to be more prolific. It’s these custom software tools developed by out own R&D experts that enable Team Legal to more quickly and efficiently qualify and rate the leads as they come in, as they make notes about specific client needs. Courteous Communications’s Switchboard II that was also designed by our technical support team also speeds up call handling. This state of the art system expedites call routing call to the appropriate support associates as it pushes relevant information about your company, clients scripts, offerings, and protocols to an associate’s desk.

Your Firm Our Team Done Your Way

Handing the responsibility of fielding calls and online contacts from your potential customers and clients over to an outsourced firm should bring with it some reservations. The last thing that you need is a service that plans on training their operators in the arts of lead cultivation on your callers, and it happens all the time. We on the other hand have the trained and experienced staff backed up by the latest state-of-the-art technology but they still need one more thing before they can get to work. They need your instructions, your scripts your protocols that will then be flashed onto their screen as each call, e-mail or chat request comes in. Beginning with their greeting on through to complicated legal intake, our services are customized and bundled to tailor fit your specific needs. Every call is answered in your name or your client’s name, and then they follow your set call protocols.

Competent Reliable and Available 24

Our Team Legal associates work in round the clock split shifts 24 hours a day to support and assist legal marketers in the US, Canada and the UK. Give us a call today at 1-800-713-4750 to see for yourself all that we can do to boost your bottom line in a cost-effective manner.