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Direct Response 

Mounting an effective advertising campaign either online or by way of more traditional media venues is no small investment. So after you’ve invested your time, efforts and financial resources you’ll want to make sure that you take full advantage of every potential client or customer it brings your way. This is where Courteous Communications comes in. We partner with companies around the globe in their direct response marketing efforts by offering a full range of lead capture, answering and order management services. Services that are tailored fit to meet the needs of each individual firm 24 hours a day, seven days a week, nonstop year-round.

Our trained and experienced team associates respond in real time to e-mails, interactive chats and promptly answer phone calls in a prompt and professional manner. This in a time when competition has become more fierce and your competitors now have a greater capacity for reaching across time zones.

Our Clients are Achieving Greater Results With:

  1. 24 non stop live answer call fielding services
  2. Prompt call forwarding to existing phone numbers
  3. Integrated web tools for order management services
  4. Enhanced lead capture and streamlined lead management
  5. Product and services caller technical support

Going With a Winning Team

Any company that operates in the service sector is only as good as its employees. This is why before we bring any new hire on board they first must clear a rigid screening process. We look for prior experience, competent communication and problem resolution skills and motivation. Then after they’ve been hired and completed our probationary process they’re graded on their basic skills. Thenf they choose to be promoted up to business associate team level they’re required to complete our in-house training course. As a result we have one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry.

Motivated Team Associates Backed Up By State of the Art Technology

So we invest well in our workforce at Courteous Communications, but just as importantly we also invest in what it takes to ensure that they have effective software tools to perform their work assignments more effectively. This is why we also employ a full-time research and development team whose job it is to develop new and improve on existing tools that are then put to use to expedite and improve on the quality of customer care. For example are custom-designed switchboard 11 call management software functions to effectively push increased volumes of information regarding your company, products and services to an associates computer screen as each call comes in. The result is a more informed team member who is far better able to capture leads and service your clients and customers.

Our Team Members – An Extension of Your Front Desk

The technology for rerouting phone calls directed your firm has been around for some time. The key however, was in the development of systems and techniques that allow this to be done in a seamless fashion with a level of efficiency such the collars are completely unaware that the call has been rerouted to an outsourced service. Our switchboard 11 software backed up by your provided scripts and protocols allows us to do just that. So all communications by telephone or online from beginning to end are scripted and crafted to function as an extension of your firm.

The Bottom Line on Courteous Communications: