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24 Hour Lead Management 

You got your site up, did all your SEO work to promote it, blogged, took out ads, posted YouTube videos and have done whatever it else it has taken to get the leads coming in. The problem you now face though, is that people who do their shopping online or a fickle lot. They have notoriously short attention spans as well, so seconds count with each new contact because once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. So the solution is simple and that is that you need qualified people on the job to manage those leads as they come in, and they have to be there 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Qualifying Prospects to Increase Efficiency

Approaching each and every lead that comes in as if they all have the same potential is a mistake that will end up costing you time and money. So in the same way that you would select only the best fruit from the bin to put in your shopping cart your leads also need to be sorted in terms of quality. Our experienced lead processors here at Courteous Communications perform that task every day for firms that span a broad range of business genres and they can do the same for you.

Transmitting Leads for Success

The more time that your salespeople have to spend sorting and analyzing leads before they can move on them more time they have to grow cold and stale. So that’s where our people come in. As part of the pre-transmission qualifying process they use surveys and notes to gather pertinent information to not only help your sales personele but also to determine which of them the various leads will be directed to. Transmitting the right leads to the right people is crucial and we do that.

Our Team – Your Game Plan

You’ve put a lot of work into advertising and promotion, so the leads that you’re going to bring in, or that you are bringing just didn’t happen by themselves. So the last thing you want to do is hand the job of fielding, analyzing, sorting and relaying those leads off to just any firm that you pick at random. Our trained and experienced business support associates have a proven track record. There’s also no guesswork on their part because they work off of your scripts and protocols in exact accordance with your specific instructions.

Get the Edge With Courteous Communications’s Proprietary Technology

Our team of business support associates could not have achieved the record of success that they have without the help of the lead generating software tools that they have at their disposal at Courteous Communications. Tools that can be integrated into your site free of charge that in turn allow them to automatically track and manage leads as they come in. For example one of our more innovative tools allows our staff to initiate chats with visitors by automatically notifying them once they have passed a certain time-frame on a page or product.

Our Team Marketing & Sales Associates

Anyone who has been in business for any length of time knows that a firm that operates in the service sector is only as good as its employees. This is why we screen our carefully during the hiring process and then once they’re brought on board we offer them training and then compensate them in accordance with their skill level and the results they produce. Don’t make the mistake of partnering with a outsourced lead management firm that may want to train their employees by trial and error on your customers or clients when our team of business associates come with a proven track record.

Process sales leads round the clock, seven days a week with experienced professional sales support and lead management services from Courteous Communications. Contact us at 1-800-713-4750 to discover more about all that we can do for you.