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Criminal Law 

With so many laws on the books and increasingly more zero-tolerance policies being enacted more people who would never consider themselves criminals are finding themselves ensnared in the criminal justice system. Desperate calls that come in at all hours of day and night, seven days a week, so for sure some that all too often come in when you’re office has long since closed.

With Courteous Communications you can be available with trained professional operators at the ready to field those calls. Calls from people who need to make contact and be reassured that you are available and ready to take their case. Also keep in mind that with recent research showing that 30% of callers hang up on voicemail and answering machines they simply aren’t a viable option anymore for the lawyer who wants to stay competitive.

The 3 Things That Set Courteous Communications Apart From the Crowd

1. Specialize Training and Services

Courteous Communications unique Team Legal offers you all the conveniences and call volume capacity of a large call fielding firm only with ‘specialized services’ that tailored specifically for lawyers who handle criminal cases. However, before any Team Legal associated member is allowed to pick up the phone to take these types of calls he or she must first undergo a rigorous training program. A course of training where they come to understand functions of the judicial system, common law office terms, and the special needs of law clients. Then they’re put through call service scenarios for final training.

Our Team Legal Services Include:

2. Custom Call Servicing Protocols

We understand that handing over the responsibility for fielding your phone calls and dealing with your clients doesn’t come with some concerns. So for this we’ve developed what we call our innovative CRM solution to help put you at ease. CRM stands for ‘Customer Relation Management’. It allows us to store for quick access detailed information regarding client accounts as well as prewritten scripting tools for dealing with these accounts on an individual basis. It’s foolproof. This is because everything that you want said and done is instantly displayed on the screen in front of the Team Legal associate as they take the call.

Experience has also shown us that calls to lawyers from clients can vary from being of minimal importance, where clients simply needs a few questions answered or perhaps a court date, all the way up to urgent calls were events are unfolding and immediate action is called for. Then again of course a clients ability to pay also factors into how much of your time you may want to give them. So with CRM scripting and preset protocols we can now help in screening your calls. We can help low level clients on minor issues and of course quickly direct urgent calls directly to your home or cell phone.

3. Seasoned Experts Relying on Your Script

Each and every criminal defense attorney has his or her own methodologies for initiating dialogue when a potential client makes their first call. It lays the groundwork for the relationship that will develop as the case unfolds, if they even do decide to take it. So of course all first-time incoming calls are handled in exacting accordance to your specifications and scripting. Then because these calls are recorded everything that’s said is readily accessible.