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Medical Receptionist 

Good qualified help that will show up on time and be reliable has always been hard to find. Then if you are lucky enough to find an employee with stellar work ethics you have to pay top dollar keep them on. That is unless you want to see them poached away, leaving you to pick up start in with someone new with what they left behind.

So it’s little wonder that so many businesses in the medical field today including clinics and hospitals are finally making the switch to outsourcing or what is also known as shared off-site call fielding and clerical services. Skilled workers who do the same job as an in-house medical receptionist, only now with everything being done on a computer and accessible online the desk that they’re sitting at is at a remote location.

The benefits are many to because it’s not only a better way of doing things but it’s cheaper as well. Then to top it off were a hospital or clinic will have trouble getting all of their workers to show up all week and put in eight hours of work outsourcing services of this type go on 24 hours a day, seven days a week non-stop. They even have the personnel on standby to handle overflow calls during peak periods.

24 Hour Live Medical Answering Services

Once the decision to outsource has been made the next logical step is to find a qualified firm to partner with. Make no mistake about it too, but that just as in any other type of business sector the quantity and quality of services rendered can vary from one firm to the next. So it’s the level of training and data processing technology that’s made available to our Team Medical associates sets us apart from the crowd. They’re are assigned to deal exclusively with our clients in the medical field.

Call Prioritizing and Transfer:

Call prioritizing and transferring is a big part of what our team medical Associates do. They train for and have extensive experience in doing it but they couldn’t perform the task without your scripts and protocols and instructions. It’s this basic operational format that’s laid out when you sign on as a client that’s instantly displayed on each team members screen as calls come in.

Flexibility in Operational Protocols:

Simply having operational protocols for a company to go by as they field your calls isn’t enough. If you’re in the medical field than any firm you’re dealing with must be ready to implement changes on a moments notice. This is why here Courteous Communications we have a policy of complete flexibility in terms of client operational protocol changes.

Call Overflow Policy:

With cell phones now in the hands of so many, the resulting call volume increase to front desk receptionists has more hospitals clinics and doctors office managers outsourcing for solutions. In all too many cases what they’re finding however, is that if the call center service doesn’t have the personnel on standby, such that we do it Courteous Communications, excess peak period calls are simply being diverted to voicemail anyway which they could have done themselves.

More than Just an Answering Service:

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that every call fielding/front desk outsourcing service that you can find online is the same. They’re not. Just as with any other business in the service sector, what they provided and how well they provide it is only as good as their employees, those who manage them, and the tech level of technology that they provide for them. This is precisely why our Team Medical associates are able to perform a wide variety of front desk clerical tasks as well as they do.

Diligence with Compassion:

The fact that our Team Medical associates specialize exclusively in front desk outsourcing and call fielding for firms operating in the medical field makes a huge difference. We look for previous experience in clinical office settings and then provide them with the training that’s required for a higher level of professionalism. This is also but one of the reasons why our employee turnover rate is lowest in the industry which in turn means it will always be familiar names and voices when you, your patients and colleagues call.

Courteous Communications and Team Medical partners with clinic and medical center front desk services to provide specialized outsourcing solutions. Contact Courteous Communications at 1-800-713-4750 to learn more.