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Answering Service for Doctors and Medical Offices 

It really is true that good help is hard to find and anyone who runs a medical practice knows this. There’s just no room for mistakes in the medical field when people’s health and well-being is on the line and this is why qualified reliable employees are expensive to keep on. So this is why now more medical professionals are looking to Courteous Communications and their Team Medical Associates for office staffing solutions that involve outsourcing.

Paging & Messaging

With 24 hour round-the-clock specially trained Team Medical operators manning the phone banks you are never out of touch. They are trained and experienced in prioritizing calls and can record and transfer messages by phone or email as soon as they come in.

Medical Call Services

If you’re currently relying on voice mail or even worse yet, an answering machine to deal with calls when you can’t be there to take them yourself you need to be aware the following. That is that studies have recently shown that up to 30% of callers will hang up on voice mail and recording machines rather than leave a message. So the solution now is Courteous Communications call fielding and forwarding service that you can switch to any time day or night, 24 hours a day.

Urgent Call Transfer Services

Not being available when a patient is experiencing a medical emergency means that it’s not just a crisis for them but a crisis for their care provider as well. At the same time though, you need a call fielding service with staff members who know to prioritize calls as they come in. So how do they know how to prioritize these calls? The answer is simple, and that is that they do it in accordance with your preset standards, protocols and instructions that are displayed on their screen as the calls come in.

Doctor Answering Service, Paging, and Message Relay

Anything that can be done over the phone or on a computer can now be outsourced to an off-site location, and that includes doctor-patient and message relay services. Even so, in the medical profession there’s no room for error in this is why so many office and personnel managers are opting for the higher level of training and experience of Courteous Communications Team Medical Associates. They specialize exclusively in catering to clients in the medical field 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Why Courteous Communications’s Team Medical?