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Healthcare Insurance Providers 

Changes in rules that govern how healthcare providers do business has forced them as a group to re-examine older operating norms. Industry decision-makers are now exploring creative ways to continue providing better service for policyholders while at the same time remaining profitable. As a result in increasing numbers many of these insurance carriers are turning to Courteous Communications for workable solutions that aren’t forcing them to choose between profitability and quality.

General Membership Pre-Enrolment Services:

Our specialized Team Medical associates regularly assist callers with pre-enrollment formalities that involve non medical related inquiries 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They answer questions, distribute information products and provide callers with general information to help them make informed decisions on the various options that are offered.

Playing a Role in Member Satisfaction

Prompt and reliable phone service provided by intelligent inattentive operators plays a crucial role in maintaining a higher level of member satisfaction. Not just quality services over the phone, but quality services over the phone that are available at all hours of the day.

Increased Member Satisfaction:

They also regularly help our clients maintain a high level of member satisfaction through follow-up inquiries, initial welcome calls and even conducting policyholder surveys. Then having trained and experienced professionals available 24 hours a day seven days a week to field calls and answer e-mails is for sure another definite plus.

Helping to Contain and Reduce Front Desk Operating Costs

By offering a variety of flexible service plan options it allows our clients to choose what works best for them. Then to help contain costs we only bill for the actual time a team medical associate spends on the phone or on their computer responding to calls and e-mails. So we offer solutions that are not only an easy transition but also cost effective as well.

Why Courteous Communications’s Team Medical?