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As if hospitals weren’t busy enough, but now with the implementation of universal healthcare combined with an aging population they are now becoming even busier. So busy in fact that many are now looking for ways to streamline their systems for dealing with phone traffic and clerical tasks.

So in ever increasing numbers Courteous Communications with their specially trained TeamMedical Associates is becomming the solution that they’re finding. They’re discovering that by outsourcing their answering services they’re not only saving money but are also finding that the services that their patients are getting are of better quality because we offer the following:

1. General Call Services

Hospitals no longer require costly in-house staff to manage phone banks when their calls can be rerouted and handled off-site by our trained staff, and we’re available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We also have the staff level to maintain standby operators to deal with peak call overflow on existing phone numbers.

2. Priority Call Transfer

You set the protocols to determine what calls warrant priority handling. Then with those protocols our Team Medical staff has the capacity to instantly transfer priority calls so they can receive prompt attention. These standards and protocols can be modified and implemented anytime you determine the need.

3. Physician & Specialist Referral

There’s no changes in the way that your calls are fielded so they’re handle the exact same way the your calls are currently being handled in-house. This means a physician and specialist referral services remain intact and operates according your present standards.

4. Appointment Management

Of course appointments are huge part of any health care facilities day-to-day operations. How appointments are managed and how flexible those who manage them are plays a big part in determining how smooth a facility is ran. We have a proven track record for fast, efficient and flexible and accurate appointment management.

5. Doctor Paging and Message Relay

99% of rerouted calls that come into our facility are answered within four rings, so we have a faster response time than most hospitals in-house phone banks. Our calls are not only answered faster but we also relay messages quicker, and once again that’s 24 hours a day 365 days a year in full accordance to your instructions.

6. Trained Professionals Make the Difference

All our team medical Associates are required to undergo and complete a rigorous in-house training program. A program where they learn about HIPAA as well as the general prevailing rules and protocols that most hospitals and healthcare facilities are operated by. So it’s this screening and training process that ensures that only the most motivated and knowledgeable operators answer your calls.

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