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Healthcare Answering Services

Call answering services promoting themselves online today as being specialized for clients in medical related fields is the latest marketing trend to catch wind. The all too common problem you face however, one you start in looking, is that promises are just easy to make, while actually delivering on them is often another story. So this is what sets us apart from the crowd here at Courteous Communications because we are one of the very few answering services that have specialized teams that are trained, experienced and specifically assigned to partner with medical professionals. This is the single most important reason why we’re considered the #1 healthcare answering service solution in the nation.

The Right Call Service Prescription

There’s just no room for error when a busy medical firm hands the responsibility of communicating with their patients over to an outsourced entity. Make a bad judgment call and by the time you realize the mistake has been made the damage is done. So a verifiable, long-standing service track record like the one we proudly boast here at Courteous Communications is an absolute must

Healthcare Plans

Courteous Communications specializes in dealing with health care insurance providers to service existing clients and to provide assistance as they work to attract and secure new policyholders. Our Active Response software tools in the hands of our qualified and experienced Team Medical Associates is the perfect combination for cultivating and effectively managing new leads and prospects.

Healthcare Professionals

We also have a long established track record that documents our success in working with medical professionals who practice and work in a broad range of medical fields. Our Team Medical Associates partner with our healthcare clients for 24 hour a day live phone and email response to elevate doctor-patient relationships to a higher level.


We help hospitals and clinics lower operating costs in a number of areas while at the same time building on their level of service. Our prepaid minutes plan slashes employee overhead costs because clients are only billed for the actual time that a team member spends on the phone or performing actual work at the computer. Then prompt 24 hour a day call response with peak period backup operators means that no caller is ever left waiting.

Medical Offices

Every day more medical office managers are discovering that they can streamline operations while lowering operating costs by outsourcing routine tasks like call answering and scheduling. We carefully pre-screen every prospective new hire, and than once they’re brought on board we provide them with the training and periodic workshops that it takes to qualify them for fielding medical office calls.

Medical Supplies

Courteous Communications helps product equipment suppliers related to the medical field by provide better customer services as they streamline their online marketing systems resulting in increased sales. The Web driven global marketplace means that with so many medical suppliers offering the same products at about the same price we help our clients gain the edge with round the clock prompt, courteous and knowledgeable phone, chat and email response.

Pharmaceutical Firms

Courteous Communication’s Team Medical associates possess the level of training and experience required to assist pharmaceutical companies in a number of areas with their online and off-line marketing strategies and recruiting of test subjects for clinical trials. We scout specifically for prospective team members who have previous experience in the pharmaceutical field which and of itself makes a huge difference.

Appointment Services

Courteous Communications does away with outdated voice mail and answering machines by replacing them with a real human on the other end of the line who’s ready to assist in scheduling. That’s scheduling during working hours and after hours, 24 hours a day, seven days a week with completely flexible service options. We have a list of the top web based calendar systems to choose from, so chances are that we have the one that you’re already using, or one that’s very similar.

Medical Reception Services

Our clients have made the decision to not have their patients be put on hold to wait and listen to music on the phone sop they now have a receptionist answer the phone every time it rings? Every time it rings 24 hours day or night. We also offer complete flexibility with our plans and service options that makes them the perfect fit for a busy front service desk in any medical setting.

Dental Offices

We lower administrative expenses for dental offices while streamlining client services, and providing faster, more reliable phone response times. We can also help with scheduling both during and after office hours. So we are a workable solution for today’s dentist who’s having trouble finding, hiring then paying qualified front desk help. Our Team Medical Associates are never late to work, never call in sick, are always prompt and courteous, and only get paid for the actual work they do.