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Lending Professionals 

In today’s Web driven business arena major transactions now transpire 24 hours a day seven days a week. So with bankers hours being 9 to 5 it means that for many who are in need of financing they are choosing to look online. Courteous Communications’s lending business support team provides outsourced support solutions 24/365 via phone, email, and chat for lending companies, mortgage brokers, and loan modification professionals.

The most recent statistics available show that as many as three out of every 10 callers simply hangup the phone rather than leave a message on voicemail. That’s a lot of lost clients in today’s more competitive business climate. Then not giving a prompt reply to e-mails also means more clients lost there as well. So it’s not hard to see why more of today’s lending professionals are relying on us to to help them capture and process after hours leads.

There was a time prior to the advent of the Internet when lending institutions could open and close their doors by ‘bankers hours’. They were the only show in town, so people who relied on them for financing simply had to wait. However, now more people going online 24 hours a day seven days a week the game has for sure changed because if you aren’t there or have someone there to accommodate them your competition will.

At Courteous Communications it’s our job to be the catalyst facilitators between lenders and borrowers during off hours. We are real people to replace voicemail services or standard call fielding services that 30% of your callers are hanging up on. Times are changing and it’s the only those who change with the times with us who will survive over the long term.

The challenge lenders are facing today is that so many of the businesses whose customers and clients rely on financing such as car dealers etc. are also now operating online 24 hours a day. So unless you’re available 24 hours seven days a week your competition will be getting their business.

Your Contacts Handled Your Way

We offer a whole host of front desk outsourcing options. Options that range from of course taking simple messages, all the way up to receiving and processing initial loan applications. We also know that handing this responsibility over to an outsourcing firm does come with some level of trepidation because there’s no room for error. So at Courteous Communications we employ the latest web-based CRM technologies that allow for the the instantaneous display of all your protocols, instructions and operating procedures on a screen as each call comes in.

This in turn allows us to reliably screen and grade contacts and even quickly transfer them to your phone in accordance with your instructions. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all, minimum services, client lead management system. Rather we’re full service and fully capable of handing a wide assortment of office tasks. Want to be paged so you can handle certain types of leads personally? No problem we can do that.

Or if you’d like us to assist potential clients and filling out and submitting online loan applications we could do that as well. Then of course we transfer calls and answer questions as well but in the end it’s you who decides what and how things get done. Our web-based CRM allows all our team members a direct connection to your website to access and store specific information about your company services and protocols. So it’s instantaneous.

As soon as the phone rings everything that a team member needs to know about your phone response protocols for loan applications is displayed on the screen. Then as the communications transpire information can be relayed to you in real time by however method you wish, fax SMS messages e-mail or telephone. Or just as if they are working in your office they could load the information directly into your web-based system.

Our List of Service Offerings includes:

Industry Specific Support Specialists Make the Difference

Assuming that all front desk support outsourcing firms are the same can be a mistake that you will soon regret. Making promises is one thing, but delivering on them is something else altogether because in the end any business in the service sector is only as good as its employees. This is why all prospective employees at Courteous Communications must first clear our rigid initial screening process. After that they are then required to undergo our in-house training program to bring them up to our standards.

It’s during this training program and subsequent workshops where they learn the basic language and operating procedures of the lending business and it’s this higher level of expertise of our team members that we’ve built our reputation on. Our team approach for dealing with the leads your site generates gives you a distinct advantage. Team members are able to better focus on selected business genres and coordinate their efforts on specific account groupings.

Every associate who works at Courteous Communications must first undergo and complete a rigorous training course. Training that among other things instructs them in the use of industry-specific terminology and protocols. So we aren’t just another call fielding service, rather we are a direct extension of the front desk in your office for when you or your employees can’t be there to field contacts and leads as they come in. So if you’re in the finance business, no matter what type of loans you’re making the consummate professionals here at Courteous Communications can give you the upper hand in dealing with your competition 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

The Bottom Line on Courteous Communications Front Desk Outsourcing:

  1. 24 hour a day service allows you to reach further across time zones for business leads.
  2. Immediate response to incoming calls and e-mails during hours reduces backup during business hours.
  3. Lessening reliance on voice mail means less lost business from hangups.
  4. Lower office operating costs because you only pay for the time that an associate spends on the phone or a computer.