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Claims Adjusters

It happens every night. The phone rings in a claims adjuster’s office that has closed for the evening, so the call is picked up by an answering machine or rerouted to a standard call fielding service. Unfortunately for the claims adjuster though, the client who happens to be a business owner with a million-plus dollar claim just doesn’t have the patience to wait.

So he checks out similar websites and makes more calls until he finally gets a real person who can provide real answers on the other end of the line. At Courteous Communications our fast response team is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year to make sure that this type of missed opportunity doesn’t happen at your office.

Our client support team associates have the training and the experience to field these types of calls and know the business well enough to lock them in for you to take over from there. Being in the right place at the right time is imperative for today’s claim adjusters who now ply their trade in a far more competitive environment. For sure the Internet brings more potential clients, but at the same time it also brings more competition, so it’s imperative that no opportunities be missed due to inadequate or outdated communication system.

Then with recent studies showing that up to 30% of callers will hang up on voicemail rather than leave a message that for sure is yesterday’s technology. This is why so many of today’s tech savvy claims adjusters are turning to Courteous Communication and our team of trained and experienced business support Associates for solutions.

We are a 24 hour a day, seven day a week, nonstop call fielding and front desk clerical services outsourcing firm. What sets us apart from all the others you can find on the Internet though, is the level of training our employees go through to become familiar with the claims process to better serve our clients.

Our Roster of Services for Claims Adjusters

  1. 24 hour support by telephone, email, and web chat
  2. Lead capture and management
  3. New client preliminary services
  4. Call forwarding
  5. General business promotion
  6. Easy to integrate, free online software tools for your website
  7. Bilingual operators
  8. Appointment scheduling

Your Business Never Closes

Advancements in communications and travel means that your business area of operations stretches now further across time zones. So when it’s your closing time perspective clients in other areas will still be looking to do business with you and won’t understand when they can’t get through. Our 24 hour, seven day a week service extends your operating hours indefinitely, so when calls come through no matter what time or day of the week it is they will get answered.

Answered by experienced professionals who are familiar enough with the claims adjusting business to handle them professionally. Then the nice thing about it is that you’re only charged for the time that an associate spends actively communicating and not for the time when your phone isn’t ringing. In today’s 24 hour a day, seven day week global arena business crosses all time zones, so it virtually never stops.

Your competitors know this too and this is why they are doing all that they can to make sure that they’re available when opportunity calls. So what this means is that unless you’re also are making yourself available 24 hours a day, seven days a week you’ll only be getting what they leave you. It’s not as expensive as you may think it is either because you only pay for the time and an associate is actually working on the phone or on their computer.

It’s Just So Simple

The technology for rerouting phone calls has been around since the late 1970s, so it’s nothing new. That’s given engineers plenty of time to work all the bugs out of the systems that use it, so it now functions flawlessly. So when a call comes into your office whether it’s during the day or after hours and it’s rerouted to an Courteous Communications associate it’s as if the call was answered your offices front desk.

Before the phone is even picked up your site appears on the operators computer screen right along with all the pre-prepared scripts an proprietary information that’s required. We also make available free of charge are active response software tools that can be integrated directly into your site. Software tools that allow your site to become a better lead capturing machine and even allow our team associates to initiate chat to site visitors based on triggers such as how long visitors spend on a page.

It’s the higher level of technology paired up with our better trained and experienced staff that make it all possible. Technology that allows your scripts, protocols and instructions to be automatically displayed on their screen as each call comes in. So it’s simple. The calls are answered in your companies name according to your instructions, so as far as your callers are concerned they’re speaking to your own staff at their desk in your front office. Our active response software tools integrated into your site also worked to allow prompt engagement with potential customers and efficient lead management.

Our Results Oriented Team Approach

All our team associates are trained in the most effective soft cell techniques. They’re taught how to use the team approach in capturing and cultivating leads into viable potential clients. We collaborate with you the client to come up with a system specific to your requirements that they then use to operate by when dealing with your calls and contacts. So you get it your way because we know that even in the same business genre each firm has its own unique system and style of dealing with their clients.

All the information on your client relations protocols is then stored and instantly display as each call or lead comes in. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all call fielding services you can find online today are the same, because they’re not. All of our business support team associates are trained in effective soft-sell techniques and they have a track record that proves their effectiveness this area. Then we equip them with our innovative in-house designed backend computer system that allows them ready access to vast amounts of information about your company and its services.

Your Choice of Options for Real Time Lead Management

We offer a host of options for sorting and managing leads in real time to ensure that you can can maximize on the potential of each and every one of them. We can route them instantaneously to your personal phone if they fall into a predetermined criteria or send them by e-mail or fax. It’s all up to you. New client needs are the seeds from which all the fruits of your business brings forth and this is precisely why we focused intently on the specific aspect of the services we offer our clients.

For example our Active Response software tools come free of charge and allow our team associates directly access your site to to input viable leads. Or they began be pre-screened in accordance with your instructions with the priority leads being transferred by e-mail or fax.