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Answering Service for Banks 

In spite of the opportunities that the Internet presents, it turns out that service is one area where far too you many banks and lending institutions fall short. Instead they tend to focus in on the promotional opportunities that that the Internet presents to them with its broader numbers of potential customers while all too often shoving service to the back burner. So it’s a costly mistake that you too may be making.

It’s completely unnecessary because you now have the option of outsourcing so many of your service options to a front desk outsourcing firm like we here at Courteous Communications. We offer a wide range of clerical and service options that go on non-stop for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All our trained and experienced business support Associates answer phones in a prompt and professional manner and can screen and transfer calls and messages based on preset protocols.

We Offer a Different Type of Service

No doubt about it but there’s a lot of call answering services out there online, each with its own list of promises. In the end though, any business that operates in the service sector is only capable of fulfilling its promises as well as it’s employees are willing and capable of doing it. So the first thing that sets us apart from the pack is the stringent screening process that we put each new perspective hire through. Then those pass the grade and are brought on board are put through our in-house training course work and periodic workshops designed to instil competency in industry related terminology and front desk procedures.

Our Operators – Your Brand and Name

When your clients, customers and the business associates call and the call is transferred and fielded by an outsourcing service, ideally the way that the call is handled should leave them with the impression that they’re talking to an in-house staff member at their desk; Not with an outsourced operator. All outsourcing firms strive for this level of professionalism yet very few of them are able to achieve it. We are one of them. We do it with technology that allows your scripts protocols and instructions be be instantly displayed on a team member screen as each call comes in.

A Firm You Can Trust and a Track Record to Prove It

Security is always high on the list of priorities for banks and lending institutions that deal with sensitive personal information. So before you delegate the responsibility of fielding your transferred calls and performing any of your outsourced front desk work you must be assured that the firm you’re dealing with has adequate security systems in place. At Courteous Communications we are that firm, and not only do we have the systems in place but we also have a track record to prove that they work.

The Bottom Line With Courteous Communications for Banks:

  1. 24 hour a day, seven day a week prompt and reliable call fielding and e-mail response.
  2. Proven reliable security measures and technologies in place with a proven track record of effectiveness.
  3. Trained and experienced staff who are familiar with common banking terms and clerical procedures handle all communications with complete professionalism.
  4. Bilingual service operators and translation services means that no caller goes unassisted.
  5. Flexible plans that allow for fast changes and adjustments in protocols and instructions and you only pay for the time an operator is on the phone or performing actual work.