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Answering Services for the Finance and Insurance Industry 

In this day and age when so many people are doing their banking and buying insurance online you simply can’t afford to come up short in online services. Simple text just isn’t enough to cover all your bases when potential clients and customers need their questions answered. Then if you are relying on voice mail you should know up front that studies have shown that 30% of callers simply hangup on a machine. The Internet more than anything else has done more to change the way people now buy insurance and do their banking. They’re doing it online now and that means that standard banking hours are out the window because people are now conducting transactions and submitting applications 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So it’s simple. If you aren’t there for them than someone else will be.

24 Hour Lending Professionals

Our team approach delivers proven results for all our clients and it can do the same for you. Having actual people who can provide real answers to your visitors questions can be the key to success in your marketing campaigns. Not just any people either but trained experts who are familiar with your site and what it has to offer. Promoting online or by way of traditional offline media sources is a costly, time-consuming affair. A lot goes into it, so what you don’t want to lose track of is the fact that you need to have people at the ready to respond to the results of your marketing campaigns. At Courteous Communications our phone response time is rate at 90% of calls answered within the first four rings. Then for peak call periods we have the personnel on standby to step in, so no calls go unanswered.

Accounting Firms

Since our inception a steady growing number of accountants and accounting firms have come to rely on the Courteous Communications fast response team for a premium level of client support services. What they find is that real-time 24-hour on-call response is vastly superior to voice modem in terms of customer relations. The word is now out to accountants and accounting firms that 30% of callers will hang up rather than leave a message on voicemail or an answering machine. This is why in increasing numbers they’re relying on the expertise of the business support specialists at Courteous Communications to be there to field those calls when they can’t. Also just like any other business in the service sector, a company like ours is only as good as their employees and managers, and this is why we invest in the level of training that we do.

Insurance Brokers

Our team members have undergone intensive training to make them consummate professionals at dealing with potential brokerage clients. They know the right questions to ask and they know the right answers to the questions put forth to them get your client relationships started off on the right foot. It’s simple. If you can’t be there to talk to them than you need someone who will be will be or they can be lost to your competition. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all call fielding and front desk outsourcing firms that you can find online are the same. They’re not. Our business support associates have the level of expertise and the experience that qualifies them for handling calls and performing basic front office tasks in this business sector. Remember, in business just as in life first impressions count the most and this is why so many insurance brokers are relying on Courteous Communications to help them put their best foot forward for them when they can’t be there to do it themselves.


Say goodbye to banking hours because the Courteous Communications team means that you can now provide real banking information from the mouth of a real human 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Often times when a problem arises just having a voice on the other end of the line is what it takes to smooth things over. For a banking firm, handing the responsibility of fielding calls and e-mails over to an outsourcing firm should come with some level of trepidation. It’s a serious responsibility with little to no margin for error. Once again, this is where the initial screening that we put all our employees through and then the level of training that we invest in them after they’re hired works to set us apart from the crowd.

Claims Adjusters

Our business support Associates have extensive experience in dealing with clients associated with the insurance industry. They know the key terms and the basic steps of processes that are involved in resolving an insurance claim. Once again, having a real voice on the end of the line as the claims process unfolds can make a huge difference in a adjuster/claimant relationship. Claims adjusters also require a higher level of training and experience in an operator who fields their calls. They also require that an operator have a general knowledge of key industry terms and basic business operating functions. So the last thing you need is to hand the responsibility of fielding your phone calls over to an outsourcing firm who plans on training their employees on your calls. At Courteous Communications our business support associates have the training and the experience and the knowledge already.

Always True Professionalism With Courteous Communications

Beginning with the voice tone and personal demeanor of the team member who response to your clients and the level of professional etiquette that they demonstrate is always beyond reproach. Your clients must at all times be assured and know that they’re dealing with professionals and that their personal information is secure with Courteous Communications. Ideally what you should be looking for is a call fielding up front desk outsourcing firm with employees who exude a sense of professionalism such that your callers will assume that they’re sitting at the front desk in your office. Of course you also want a call fielding firm that you can trust with your clients personal information and that has the most up-to-date and secure safety mechanisms in place. At Courteous Communications we are that firm.

We Partner With Your Firm to Reach New Goals

Image is everything in today’s fast-paced Internet marketing arena. Seconds count so those first few seconds when your clients or potential clients are reaching out can’t be discounted. It’s imperative that there needs be addressed as quickly as possible by competent, reliable professionals.

We Make Available a Range Client Support Services

To respond to the growing need of clients who require client support services above and beyond phone call fielding we make available several more options. Options that include e-mail communications, web chat and active response, our three-tiered lead capturing software system. Insurance and financial services firms have specific needs when it comes to client relations and at Courteous Communications we have the solutions you’re looking for to accommodate those specific needs and requirements.

Above and beyond answering phone calls we now offer a broad range of services for businesses that we partner with for outsourcing solutions. Of course we offer e-mail and chat along with assorted front desk clerical services like appointment management, preliminary client screening and various information disbursement options. However it’s our state-of-the-art ‘Active Response’ lead management software tools that place is head and shoulders above our competition. Lead capture tools that we can integrate into your site free of charge to allow you to better capture and manage leads.