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eCommerce Answering Services 

Prompt and attentive round-the-clock customer procurement services each and every day of the year.

No matter what you’re selling online to remain competitive in today’s global market arena you must be open for business 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Then providing optimal selection and customer friendly shipping and return policies will help you retain that competitive edge.

It’s just common knowledge now that pretty much anything that can be purchased can be purchased cheaper online, plus there’s by far a greater selection than local community-based retailers have to offer. The global Internet marketing arena goes on 24 hours a day, so if you aren’t available all day and all night each and every day of the year your competition is.

Our E-shopping Software Tools

Our proven lead capturing state-of-the-art Register a Call, Click to Call and Purchase to Call software tools function to effectively bolster conversion rates.

Just being there answering calls though, isn’t enough given the level of competition that you’re up against today and this is why we’ve developed our own set of unique and proven effective in marketing tools. Tools that we install free in your site that allow us to better monitor and convert site visitors into paying customers.

Customer Support

Our 24-hour a day, seven day week, three-tiered customer service system employs telephone, e-mail and web chat services for round-the-clock sales processing.

So with those tools at their disposal the business support specialists here at Courteous Communications are able to more effectively function as an extension of your front desk. So they have the training, experience, and the tools that they need to provide a full range of customer service functions that allow not just for more customer service but just as important, better customer service as well.

Order Taking Assistance

Our full service customer support team approach is geared towards maximizing conversions and provides front to back assistance throughout the procurement process.

Imagine walking into a fully stocked community-based store and not having any service people there to help you if have any questions. You wouldn’t stay long and it’s the same thing for Internet shoppers. So don’t make the mistake of thinking the your site on its own is good enough and this is where our team of associates comes in to remove obstacles and to provide quick answers for any questions they may have.

Web Chat

We make available up to date web chat software solutions for today’s progressive online marketers. Easy to install software tools that save you money by billing you only for the time spent facilitating sales.

One of our most effective tools to drive sales is our web chat feature that turns your site into a user interactive marketing machine. Visitors can initiate chats regarding your merchandise at any time. But it goes both ways too, because as our team members monitor your site and the visitors on it they to can also initiate chats to promote products and stimulate sales.

We here at Courteous Communications have built our reputation on proven results. We employ only consummate professionals who are seasoned experts at turning initial contacts into sales. Our steady growth and enviable client retention rate since our inception is proof in of itself that our customer oriented system works. Let us show you how our way of doing things here at Courteous Communications will effectively:

What Makes Courteous Communications So Different?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all call fielding and front desk outsourcing firms you can find online are the same, because they’re not. Just like any other business genre some firms invest better in their employees and some are simply managed better as well. We didn’t build the reputation that we have today on good luck. Rather we did it by screening are employees carefully as we hire them and then providing the training that it takes to bring them up to our standards.

The Bottom Line on Courteous Communications Front Desk Outsourcing:

  1. 24-hour, seven-day a week full-featured business support via telephone, chat and e-mail.
  2. Trained and experienced business support experts who specialize in real time management of e-commerce sites.
  3. Three e-commerce tools integrated into your site allow for real-time monitoring and interaction with visitors to help drive sales.
  4. Bilingual operators that allow you to reach further across time zones and borders to drive up sales numbers.
  5. Flexible service plans allow you to make quick adjustments that are implemented immediately and then you’re only billed for the time that a team member spends on the phone or on their computer.
  6. Increase average order size while at the same time reducing shopping cart abandonment rates.
  7. Fast real-time solutions 24 hours a day for customers increases customer satisfaction, minimizes returns and promotes repeat shopping.