Convenient and Easy Call Forwarding Options

Consistent to our commitment of supporting the growth of your business, A Courteous Communications offers you varied call forwarding options. You can choose one or more call forwarding options so that you will never miss any calls from your customers. Benefit from the different types of call forwarding features that we have and stay in touch with your valued customers. Most business phones have standard call forwarding features. You may check with your phone service provider to find out what type of call forwarding procedure that will work for you. You can also call us toll free with 1-800-713-4750.

Call Forwarding Options

A Courteous Communications has four different types of call forwarding options available for you. These are: straight call forwarding, busy call forwarding, no answer call forwarding and scheduled call forwarding.

  • Straight Call Forwarding is a common call forwarding service which is manually activated by dialing *72 or 72# followed by a call to your designated account number. This call forwarding service can be disabled any time you want to by dialing *73 or 73#.
  • Busy Call Forwarding service is manually activated by dialing *90 or 90#. This is used to direct the calls to an alternative phone number if the primary phone number is busy. This call forwarding service can be disengaged by dialing *91 or 91#.
  • No Answer Call Forwardingg service is intended with the greatest customer satisfaction in mind. You would not want your customers to wait for a long time for someone to answer their calls. Activate the No Answer Call Forwarding after 3 to 4 rings by dialing *92 or 92#. You can also consult with your phone service provider if you can set the call forwarding features of your phone to 2 rings.
  • Scheduled Call Forwarding is a common feature from local phone providers which enables you to schedule call forwarding on the time of the day when your call volume is at its peak.
  • Remote Access to Call Forwarding provides you the capability to activate or deactivate the Call Forward Variable feature from any phone, inside or outside your office.

Forwarding calls is easy and simple. You have the option to incorporate the standard forwarding features of your phone as provided by the local telecommunication company with A Courteous Communications technology. All you have to do is give us a call and we will show you how. Don’t delay the growth of your business by wasting time. You can call us via our toll-free number 1-800-713-4750 to discuss any information regarding our services.

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