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How Our Answering Services Work 

1. Select Your Answering Service Plan

It all begins when you select your plan, and we have more than one option available. They all have one thing in common though, and that is that they’re based on the anticipated on the number calls or minutes that you purchase in accordance to your needs. Then once your minutes are purchased they can be used for live answering, e-mail response, Web chat, or assorted front desk outsourcing services.

There’s no credit check, hefty deposit, long-term contracts, or annoying delays in getting your service started. Then you only pay for the ‘actual time’ that a team member spends on the phone or on their computer performing ‘real work’ so there are never any hidden charges.

2. Customize Your Answering Service Plan

To lay to rest any worries that you may have about turning over the responsibility of fielding calls from your clients or customers to an outsourcing firm, we have a proven system in place that allows you to, “Have it your way.”

It’s in the second stage of our service set up procedures that the client sits down to collaborate with our senior sales associate to come up with a set of operational scripts, instructions and protocols that are instantly flashed onto a team member screen as the calls come in.

It’s a foolproof system that ensures that all your calls, e-mails, and chats will be responded to and conducted with your company brand and name, and just the same way as they would be if a team member was sitting at a desk in your front office.

Scripts, protocols, and instructions also contain explicit directions on how calls are to be screened, prioritized, and redirected in strict accordance the clients wishes.

Find out more…

It really is just that simple. To find out more about how our team associates can partner with you to upgrade services while cutting overhead costs, feel free to call us at 1-800-713-4750 to order a more detailed information package.

3. Begin Your Answering Services

When you service begins, all your calls will be automatically directed to the industry-specific team that has been identified as the best qualified for handling them.

There’s never any confusion or mix up because you’re assigned your own unique call number that’s entered into our system. This number automatically recognizes your calls, brings up account information and then relays it on to the correct support group.

Requested changes in service scheduling can be made in real time and implemented immediately. What this means is that no matter how erratic your schedule is, you can to let us know and we can schedule our service schedule to synchronize with it.