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Our Virtual Receptionists Are Real Receptionists

Our Virtual Receptionists Are Real Receptionists

We often remind businesses and entrepreneurs seeking out our business telephone answering services, that our virtual receptionists are real receptionists and dispatchers. When you hire A Courteous to answer your ringing business telephone lines, you’re hiring real people, not voicemail robots.

Take comfort in knowing that these virtual office receptionists clock in and out of our offices every day. They take their lunches and stretch their legs in our break-room and are assisted by our supervisors and customer specialists in-house we have on staff. Our company shows appreciation for our hardworking virtual receptionists and dispatchers by getting them a cake and singing them happy birthday; while sending flowers on their employee anniversary and throwing baby showers while they are expecting. We have internal office holiday parties and luncheons. They are real employees but the benefit that you may not see at first, is that A Courteous handles all of the overhead and paperwork while contracting out their time to your business.

Our Virtual Receptionists Act As An Extension of Your Business

In short, we pay for all the benefits and overhead associated with employees while you just pay for the work performed specifically towards your business. We here at A Courteous call that a win-win business decision.