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How to Find SMB Influencers You Can Actually Afford
We know you’ve heard about Influence Marketing. Brand Influencers are the latest addition to digital marketing and it’s about time your company jumped on board. Don’t worry, every business owner can afford some form of influence marketing. You don’t have to reach out to a Kardashian that’ll charge $250k for a single photo post to be shared.
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Small Business Solutions: 3 Simple Steps for Success
Starting a small business on your own can be a very stressful endeavor. I am sure you have started researching subjects dealing with startup tips and have read many articles about advice and business solutions. Doing this research has probably led you to a few articles about pitfalls and cautionary tales about startup businesses. This
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Social Media Marketing for Small Business: 10 Ways to Increase Your Market Reach
Looking for fresh ideas to make sure your social media voice brings in new customers and reaches more people? Focus on these rules to build your company’s social personality through simple techniques designed for social media marketing for small business.   How to bring in new customers with Social Media Marketing  1.) Share Your Story. Treat
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5 Industries That Can Benefit From a Small Business Answering Service
As a small business owner you are probably going out of your way to ensure your customers are happy. Setting up a small business answering service can greatly improve your business customer service as well as grow your business with ease. There are some industries that should make it a top priority to set up some type
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20 Ways to Easily and Instantly Improve Customer Service
Providing superior service to customers during all interactions can be a daunting task for some small business owners. Excellent service should be your constant priority, but sometimes a busy SMB owner can have trouble keeping up with all the moving parts of their business.  To help you out, here are 20 ways you can easily
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