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Holiday Answering Service

Important Message from Your Summertime Business Answering Service
If you’re a current customer of our Summertime Business Answering Service, or are looking for various tasks our team can perform on your behalf; this article is for you! Here is a list of 20 bits of information that you should contact us about. We want to deliver the most accurate and up-to-date customer assistance possible.
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Our Valentine’s Day Answering Service Works in Overdrive for All Business Owners
When you think of Valentine’s Day, you may assume that flower shops are the only businesses that really feel the love each year. Yeah, our florist clients rake in 20% of their annual sales on this lover’s holiday, but there are plenty of other businesses that can catch the love bug on February 14th as well.
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Is Your Business Prepared to Handle Post-Holiday Gift Returns?
Christmas is officially over and Americans all over the country are starting to consider which presents will stay and which will go. According to the National Retail Federation, “Americans returned about $284 billion in merchandise last year.” No matter how many return requests you’re planning to receive this year, you’ll need to prepare your staff to
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We Are Your 24 Hour Answering Service During the Holidays
Our 24 hour answering service allow your in-house employees to enjoy the fun of holiday office parties and long weekends. Be the boss that everyone loves when you say, “Transfer the phones to our answering service, it’s party time!” In this fun holiday article, we will discuss how our team of experts can give you and your
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Product Telephone Support | Answering Service for Small Business Tips
If you have a tangible product that you are currently selling to consumers or directly to other businesses, our live receptionist service can help you with product telephone support. No matter if you need help answering customer questions or providing a secure telephone credit card processing option, our telephone agents can come to your rescue with our
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