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Customer Service Tips: 10 Creative Ideas to Win Back a Lost Customer
All business owners know that devastating feeling of losing the business of a great customer. A recent survey shows us that 3 in 5 Americans would try a new brand or company for a better service experience. It may feel like there’s no stopping a customer from venturing out to your competition; losing them forever. Don’t give
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Customer Service Tips: Improve Your Business by Becoming a Mystery Shopper
Delivering excellent customer satisfaction should be your business’s priority; without happy customers, your business is just an expensive hobby. Are your employees properly trained to assist your customers? Is your website helping or hurting your online sales? What do your customers face when returning a product? Answer these questions by following this week’s customer service tips that
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Business Advice for Startups: 10 Ways to Stand Out Among Your Competitors
If you’re just starting a business, you’re most likely entering an intensely competitive market. It’s hard not to bump elbows with your competition and it’s equally hard to stand out amongst them. Even though your market is crowded, you think you can sell your product or service better than the current businesses out there. Our business
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B2B Customer Service Tips: 5 Ways to Deliver Impressive After-Sale Service
When you’re a business that caters to other businesses, you have a very unique ability to create powerful and long-term relationships. By relating to your customers on an entrepreneurial level, you can encourage a more intimate and lasting connection. We want to help you learn how to give your customers that extra special attention that
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Customer Service Tips: 15 Ways to Deliver a Killer Customer Experience Online
In today’s digital world, eCommerce businesses have the ability to truly shine by providing an exquisite online customer service experience. By focusing on minor ways to constantly enhance your site, you can dramatically increase your conversion rates.     Follow some of these customer service tips that showcase the best customer service website enhancements that can make
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