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Reservation Services 

Are you finding that both you and your business seem to be circling in an increasingly chaotic circle of conflicting schedules? Are you distressed to find your business meetings scheduled on the wrong days or at the wrong times? Are you discovering an increasing number of your appointments overlapping with each other—or that you are missing them entirely? Relieve this building tension from your life and business by taking advantage of the reservation services available through A Courteous Communications. The expert reservation specialists will work hard to help you schedule even the minutest details. With their help, you can free your business staff from having to deal with the headache of making reservations so they can focus entirely on their respective positions.

Reservation Services Available

Let the virtual receptionist take all responsibility of scheduling and coordinating your events such as business appointments, meetings, task, jobs, clients and service calls. As all the scheduling choices will be made by one instead of many you will have clearer communication and your staff will be able to function together better as a team and experience greater productivity. The virtual receptionist will book all of your business appointments and reservations for you, either by using a mutually accessible online calendar or by taking an appointment call and then confirming it with you. In additional to scheduling appointments, the virtual receptionist will also take care of basic messaging duties. You will be able to rest assured that every customer call your business receives will be taken, the appointments received and the event confirmed or denied promptly. With reservation service agents taking the responsibility of booking events, the remainder of your staff will be able to return to their own respective responsibilities.

Delivery Options

You may view all of your scheduled appointments by logging into a secure online calendar. Notification for all of your events may be made by a variety of means including your cell phone, home phone, digital page, alpha page, e-mail, text messaging, fax, voice mailbox, file download or export, fax summary and e-mail summary.

Benefits to Using Reservation Services

The reservation services will free your employees from dealing with interrupting phone calls and appointment scheduling. Besides eliminating the chaos in the office and your life, using the virtual reservation services will also serve as a cost saving measure. Instead of having to employ additional administrative staff, you will be able to immediately take advantage of the expert work provided by the receptionists here at A Courteous Communications. As one person/service is in charge of booking all of your appointments, overlapping and scheduling conflicts will be eliminated. In addition to saving your business both time and money, the efficiency of your office will prove impressive to your customers.

Choose today to employ the expert assistance of the reservation services provided by A Courteous Communications. Both you and your employees will be grateful to find the previous stress of scheduling and booking events being relieved by the professional, organized staff of A Courteous Communications.