Medical Answering Palm Coast

Medical Answering Palm Coast

per billing cycle

$59.00 per month
Free Cost Per Additional Minute
$10.00 800 Phone Number
28 Day Billing Cycle
Optional Pre Announcement
Local Phone Number Available
100 Free Calls Included per cycle

HIPAA Certified City Plans

28 years ago, we started as 1 agent answering telephones for a local physician's office. We were built on the foundation of medical City Plans. Our medical City Plans is built on a per-business relationship, although pricing is straight-forward. For every medical facility, we bill on a per call basis, in 28 day billing cycles. Our virtual receptionists can get as specific as your business requires, or simply ask for name, number, and what the call is regarding.

Need us to input appointment information into your business' scheduling software? No problem! After nearly 30 years, we've experienced it all, and can tailor our process to meet your medical City Plans needs.

Note: A one-time setup fee of $15 is applied to all new accounts.


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